Scarp Sorting, Handheld XRF Spectrometry

Scrap Sorting

Sorting scrap used to be the job of experienced metal sorters, but that has all changed since the introduction of handheld XRF technology. Bruker provides a fast, reliable way of detecting the valuable content of scrap as well as detecting unwanted or "tramp" elements - without the need for highly-trained operators. The size of the sample isn’t a problem – the analyzer can measure everything from single wires up to big heat-exchangers and other large structures. It’s a simple case of point-and-shoot.

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NEW! TITAN Detector Shield

  • Do you analyze metal turning or fine wires with your XRF gun?
  • Have you ever punctured your XRF gun’s detector?

Then you know that the cost to repair a detector can range from $4,000 to $7,000…plus potential down-time.

The TITAN Detector Shield can minimize these risks! Learn more about the TITAN Detector Shield.