ARTAX, X-ray fluorescence system

The excitation source is fitted with a high precision lock, which allows the fast exchange of the X-ray tube housing. This permits to choose the most suitable excitation source and to quickly exchange the X-ray optics. Including warm-up, the switch of the tube can be done in less than 15 minutes.

Mo or W? Both! An X-ray tube with a W target generates 2 to 5 times larger peak areas for elements with K lines above 20 keV (e.g. Ag, Sn, Sb) than a tube with a Mo target. In contrast, the Mo tube has the advantage of significantly better light element excitation. The ARTAX allows the fast and easy use of both W and Mo X-ray target materials for the advanced analysis of any kind of sample.

Changing the tube on an ARTAX

Fast X-ray Tube Exchange