ARTAX, X-ray fluorescence system

Sample View and Positioning

The ARTAX sample view system is integrated in the measuring head, which itself is mounted on an X-Y-Z stage. It consists of:

  • An integrated CCD camera providing a magnified digital image
    of the sample region under investigation
  • A white LED illuminating the sample to optimize the image
    quality and contrast
  • A laser diode to control the exact position of the beam on the sample and the exact distance between object and spectrometer

The laser spot is adjusted to the focus of the mini lens and recorded by the camera. The user can therefore always see the current measurement position in the video window of the system software running on the connected notebook. The X-Y-Z stage, which controls the position of the measuring head, is also suitable for fast line scans and element mapping. The powerful software creates area images of the element distribution across the sample.

The open design of the spectrometer head together with a distance of about 10 mm to the sample allows the analysis of all kinds of surfaces including uneven and structured ones.


ARTAX measuring head with illumination, laser, polycapillary optics, X-ray detector, helium purging system and video camera