ARTAX, X-ray fluorescence system

At input count rates of 300,000 cps the XFlash® detector provides an energy resolution of better than 145 eV, thus warranting the excellent peak separation.

The XFlash® detectors are an energy dispersive X-ray detector series based on the silicon drift chamber principle (SDD). The detector crystal is moderately cooled by thermo-electric coolers. A monolithically integrated on-chip field effect transistor (FET) acts as a signal amplifier and supports unprecedented energy resolution. The sideward depletion of the active detector volume in connection with the integrated drift structure provides an extremely small detector capacitance that enables the use of fast signal processing techniques. The pulse throughput of the XFlash® detectors is higher than that of other energy dispersive technologies by more than an order of magnitude.

Schematic of a silicon drift detector with internal FET