M4 TORNADO, 2D µ-XRF, Ultimate Speed and Accuracy

Archaeometry – Examination of a Roman Sword

Sensitive and valuable archaeological objects can be easily and reliably analyzed with the M4 TORNADO Micro-XRF spectrometer. The applied technique permits a fast non-destructive analysis of objects, especially on small sample areas.

The analyzed Roman sword is made of low alloyed steel. It has inlaid work showing the goddess of victory. The spectral analysis gives an estimate of the element composition of both the steel of the sword and the inlaid work. It also indicates that a careful spectral analysis is necessary for the correct interpretation of the elemental distribution. This is the only way to identify overlaps or background effects correctly. The shape of the inlaid work can be recognized in the element mapping image with a high level of detail, allowing the reconstruction of the object shape without further preparation. The calculated composition values are crucial for the correct restoration of the object, since the technology chosen for the restoration works is highly dependent on the composition of the sample.

Download the full lab report XRF 443 (PDF)