M4 TORNADO, 2D µ-XRF, Ultimate Speed and Accuracy

The M4 TORNADO combines state-of-the-art X-ray generation and detection technology with an unique usability concept, resulting in a powerful, yet easy-to-use instrument for non-destructive element analysis:


Polycapillary X-ray optics focus the tube radiation to smallest areas, generating spots of highest radiation brilliance on the sample surface down to 20 µm diameter for Mo K radiation. More info

XFlash Technology

The XFlash® silicon drift X-ray detector technology is the key to the instrument's outstanding performance, providing excellent energy resolution at highest count rates. More info

Dual Detector

The standard version of the M4 TORNADO is equipped with a single high performance XFlash® detector. Optionally it can be fitted with a second detector for even higher speed and additional analytical possibilities. More info


The M4 TORNADO is equipped with a single rhodium target X-ray tube. Additional analytical flexibility can be attained by adding a second tube with a different target material or a collimator instead of polycapillary optics. More info


The TurboSpeed X-Y-Z stage supports analysis "on the fly". Defining areas for measurement is aided by a dual video microscope with variable magnifications. An additional fish-eye camera provides a view of the sample chamber.

The motorized sample chamber door opens at a push of a button. The stage is at the same time automatically moved to the front where samples can be exchanged easily without having to reach inside the chamber.


The powerful ESPRIT software of the M4 TORNADO uses an advanced Fundamental Parameter based approach for quantification. More info