S2 PICOFOX, TXRF Spectrometer, Trace Analysis

Sample Preparation of Soil, Minerals, Particles, High-Tech Materials and Similar

Quantitative procedure without digestion

  • Grind sample in a mortar or ball mill
  • Weigh about 50 mg in a tube and add 2.5 ml 1 Vol.-% aqueous Triton X-100 solution
  • Add 10 μl IS solution (Se, 1 g/L, end conc. 200 mg/kg) and homogenize in an ultrasonic bath for 15 min
  • Pipette 10 μl on a siliconized sample carrier and dry by vacuum

Procedure for determination of element ratios

  • Transfer some particles (recommended size < 20 μm) to the center of the carrier, fix with vacuum grease, if necessary
  • Apply for direct measurement without further treatment


  • Quantitative TXRF analysis of particles: particle size must be below 70 μm, for best accuracy a size of < 20 μm is recommended
  • The representativity of small amounts of inhomogenous samples might be limited

TXRF benefits

  • Extremely fast preparation for determining relative element ratios of particles
  • Fast element screening prior to an ICP-MS measurement
Samples: dry mud
Detection limits for glass samples prepared as suspension