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S2 PUMA Seris 2 - Automotive


The automotive industry deals with many different material types, ranging from liquids such as lubricants, to ceramics, to metals and alloys. These materials have to be controlled not only for product quality, but also to gain valuable information about processes they are used in.

Instruments which can analyze all of those materials, with short measurement times, and are easy to operate are quite a benefit. EDXRF can provide you with this advantage.

Take the analysis of wear metals in lubricant oil for example. This is an important indicator in the development and product life cycle applications.

With its high-power 50 W X-ray tube, the S2 PUMA Series 2 ensures high intensities, the SampleCare™ system ensures spillage protection with liquid samples, and the TouchControl™ touchscreen enables users with only very minimal amounts of training to confidently operate the instrument without external PC.