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S2 PUMA Series 2 - Service & Contract Labs

Service and Contract Labs

Deliver promised results, in time, according to the required specifications, and fulfill the appropriate norms – is what customers demand. This can be challenging.

Constantly changing sample types, high sample throughput, and reliable instrumentation are just a few of the requirements to the analytical equipment in a contract lab. Luckily, the S2 PUMA Series 2 has got you covered.

The XY Autochanger is made for the autonomous analysis of large sample batches, supported by the versatile yet ergonomic instrument control software SPECTRA.ELEMENTS, which makes instrument calibration as easy as it gets.

GEO-QUANT Basic is a ready-to-go calibration solution for geo-materials covering a wide range of inorganic geo samples and delivers high quality results. For specimens where no standards are available, the standardless Fundamental parameter solution SMART-QUANT FP is there to deliver fast reliable overview analyses.