Atomic Force Microscopy Webinars

AFM for Critical Dimension: Metrology of Trenches, Lines and Gratings

Explore the advantages of AFM in quality control feedback on fabrication processes


Characterizing critical dimensions of various component structures is an essential step to provide quality control feedback on fabrication processes

In this webinar, Bruker AFM experts discuss and demonstrate the applications of AFM in the characterization of trenches, lines, and gratings, including a real-time demonstration of how to measure a patterned sample with our Dimension AFM and AutoMET software option.

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Webinar Overview

Non-Destructive Critical Dimension Measurement with Nanometer Accuracy

Electronic devices are getting smaller and more efficient, and thus require higher quality in the inspection of semiconductor microfabrication processes. Current technology features component structures (e.g., trenches, lines, and gratings) that measure down to a couple of hundred nanometers. This scale excludes the use of optical microscopes due to the light diffraction limit. However, atomic force microscopy (AFM) can provide nanometer accuracy in x, y, and z directions without damaging components and, therefore, is a very useful tool for characterizing these structures.


In this workshop, Bruker applications experts Senli Guo, Ph.D. (Sales Applications Engineer, Bruker) and John Thornton (Engineer Sr. Applications, Bruker) discuss and demonstrate:

  • The applications of AFM for critical dimension measurement
  • Bruker's Dimension AFM, a large‑platform system that utilizes proprietary PeakForce Tapping mode for superior critical dimension measurement performance;
  • AutoMET, our AFM software option for automatically measuring samples with the help of pattern recognition;
  • The offline batch data process specifically for trenches, lines, gratings, and similar structures.


The workshop concludes with a real-time demonstration showing how to measure a patterned sample and an expert-led Q&A session with the live workshop audience.

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