Bruker Nano Analytics presents:

Light Element Determination Using WDS on SEM

On-Demand Session - 39 Minutes

Detection and Quantification of Light Elements Using X-ray Microanalysis

The detection and quantification of light elements (atomic number < 10) using X-ray microanalysis is challenging compared to other elements. In particular, relatively few X-rays are emitted during excitation of the light elements and these low-energy photons are easily absorbed. Accordingly, the low count rates registered by EDS and conventional WDS reduce the precision of light element analysis, and uncertainties in the matrix correction reduce the accuracy.

Large solid angle parallel-beam spectrometers, such as the QUANTAX WDS, are characterized by a high sensitivity for the low X-ray energies. The QUANTAX WDS is equipped with several diffracting multilayer crystals which are designed for high performance in the low energy region.

In this webinar, we show application examples for light element determination in natural and synthetic samples such as minerals, glasses, steels, and binary compounds. The webinar will also include a demo of the WDS functionality in Bruker’s software suite ESPRIT.

X-ray element distribution map for Be and C acquired on a sample of beryllium foil in epoxy resin

Who Should Attend?

  • Researchers from industry and academia using microanalysis techniques.
  • Everyone dealing with an application where light elements are of interest.


Dr. Michael Abratis

Sr. Application Scientist, Bruker Nano Analytics

Dr. Ralf Terborg

Sr. Scientist EDS, Bruker Nano Analytics