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Dimension Icon Upgrade and Add-On Options

Supercharge your Dimension Icon AFM

Stay at the Forefront of Your Field with Unmatched Upgradability

The Dimension Icon AFM can be easily custom-configured with different upgrade and add-on options to meet diverse measurement requirements. These modular hardware and software upgrades can be added to your system on-site to enable the highest performance and latest techniques on even the most challenging samples. Continue reading to learn more about a selection of popular upgrades and mode add-ons and contact us for more information about Bruker's many other extension options.

Make Your Icon 5 to 100x Faster with a FastScan Head Upgrade

Benefit from the expanded capabilities of two distinct AFMs on one Dimension platform utilizing the modular architecture of Icon and FastScan heads. With this upgrade, the Icon head can be easily exchanged with the FastScan head, dramatically increasing productivity and enabling new insights with:

  • The ultimate tip-scanning speed and stability for direct visualization of nanoscale dynamics in air and fluid;
  • Frame-per-second imaging rates independent of sample size with automated setup, acquisition, and analysis; and
  • Simple and streamlined return to Icon head for utmost flexibility.

Use the FastScan head to:

  • Explore the heterogeneity, unique feature characteristics, and mechanical properties of unknown samples.
  • Gain immediate feedback for failure analysis and nanoscale quality control.
  • Directly visualize nanoscale dynamics in air and fluid.


Icon Scanner (Left); FastScan Scanner (Right)


60 Minutes with Dimension FastScan, 12 Samples, 60 Sites. Automated. Amorphous Drug Formulations. Samples courtesy of M.E. Lauer, O. Grassmann, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel, Switzerland.

Drive Advanced Research with a NanoScope 6 Controller Upgrade

Bruker's latest-generation NanoScope controller delivers ultimate ease of use without compromising function or flexibility. It delivers high speeds, low noise, and exceptional mode compatibility to significantly enhance the performance of Dimension Icon AFMs in nearly every application.

Upgrade to the NanoScope 6 controller to:

  • Optimize high-speed tapping imaging with 75% signal-to-noise improvement in TappingMode at 2 MHz.
  • Use our next-generation PeakForce Tapping with variable rate and 10 MHz sampling for high-speed detail.
  • Collect conductive measurements in STM, C-AFM, and TUNA with 10 MHz sampling, higher bit resolution, and improved low-current performance.
  • Characterize ferroelectrics with 5x lower background noise in PFM for reliable quantification and superior sensitivity.


Expand Your Research with New AFM Modes

Bruker AFMs boast the largest selection of measurement and imaging modes in the industry, including a variety of first-and-only modes — such as the PeakForce Tapping family — that have enabled an unmatched publication impact. We also regularly develop new, innovative modes to support leading-edge research across a range of research applications.

Dimension Icon users can significantly broaden the capabilities of their existing AFM systems with new and optional mode add-ons, including modes to:

Fully characterize semiconductor and functional materials

  • PeakForce TUNA – Probe conductivity even on fragile samples (e.g., polymers and nanowires).
  • DataCube modes – Collect and analyze hyperspectral datasets.
  • SS-PFM – Achieve highly accurate nanoscale characterization of ferroelectrics.

Quantify nanomechanics for any application

  • PeakForce QNM – Acquire out-of-the-box quantitative modulus.
  • AFM-nDMA – Create full polymer master curves and quantify viscoelasticity.
  • FASTForce Volume CR – Obtain complete hard-matter mechanics data.

Enhance battery research


Component distribution and particle-to-particle variation on a doped semiconductor sample revealed using DataCube SSRM.
FASTForce Volume CR imaging of a blend of aluminum, silicon, and chromium (left) and the same area 80 frames later (right), with no degradation in image quality or measurement stability.
EC-AFM imaging of blisters and swollen step edges under the solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) layer on graphite.

Can't find what you're looking for? Let us help. Connect with a Bruker AFM expert to discuss the extension options best suited for your specific application, research goals, and measurement requirements.


Dimension Icon Upgrade FAQs

Is my Dimension Icon AFM compatible with these upgrades?

Yes, all Dimension Icon systems are compatible with all of these upgrades. Some of the mode options may also require the controller upgrade. Contact us about your system and desired upgrades for more information.

Do I need to ship my system back to upgrade?

No. All of these upgrades can be performed on-site, in your lab. We do recommend that one of our experts visit you to perform the initial install and offer any necessary training.

What is included with the FastScan upgrade?

The FastScan upgrade is a turnkey package with all required components including scanner, electronics, and consumables.

What is included with a mode upgrade?

The components included in a mode upgrade vary, and may require a combination of software and hardware. For example, SECM requires a hardware accessory, but the DataCube capability requires only a software component if the requisite application module is already present on the system.

Where can I learn more about the Dimension Icon / add ons?

Read more online about the Dimension IconDimension FastScan, NanoScope 6, and Bruker's AFM modes, or contact us to request more information.

Are these all the possible extensions?

Far from it. This is just a small selection of the extensions offered. Dozens of additional AFM modes and environmental accessories are available. Contact us for more information.

How do I upgrade my Dimension Icon AFM system?

Contact us to get started.

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