Innovative Analytical Solutions for Sustainable Polymer Production: Magnetic Resonance

Analytical solutions based on the technology of magnetic resonance are applicable from product development throughout production to quality control by dedicated solution offerings on various instrument platforms. Comparable results acquired by different expressions of the same technology foster method harmonization throughout globally distributed laboratory topologies. This concept decrease time-to-market for new innovations significantly


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What is in?

  • First part of the eBook - Polymer lifecycle, new trends and challenges
    Learn how the Polymer industry is evolving in everyday life application: packaging, transportation, and health environments. Furthermore, understand how sustainability in the Polymer supply chain, especially including recycling, is becoming an unavoidable competitive advantage to guarantee an increased financial stability for all stakeholders involved.
  • Second part of the ebook – How Magnetic Resonance supports the entire value chain.
    This part is fully dedicated to the technology
     applied in the laboratories: Starting from product innovation and scaling into production environments with incoming raw material testing, process, and final product quality control. You will discover comprehensive deployment opportunities for tailored solutions based on magnetic resonance accross the entire polymer value chain: from high-resolution floor-standing NMR and EPR, to benchtop NMR and EPR including time-domain NMR Resources:

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Magnetic resonance technology applicable to polymers industry

Avance Neo Console


The AVANCE NEO consoles for NMR feature even faster control, improved dynamic range and greater flexibility and scalability than ever before.
Fourier 80

Fourier 80

Building on decades of experience creating top-quality NMR instruments, Bruker has reimagined high-performance NMR spectroscopy in a compact, cost-efficient form


The Bruker EMXplus provides premium performance for EPR research. It features several 2D operation modes where the second axis can be time, temperature, goniometer angle or microwave power.


The microESR is a small, portable research grade instrument and is also an ideal teaching tool for undergraduate chemistry labs. The spectrometer has a mass of only 10 kg and can easily fit in a fume hood or glove box, or be transported into the field. Plus, it requires no special installation or regular maintenance.
magnettech ESR5000

Magnettech ESR5000

The Magnettech ESR5000 is an innovative research instrument with high quality performance. It offers dedicated and tailored turn-key solutions for specific quality control, medical, and pharmaceutical R&D applications.

minispec mq series

The minispec mq series offers the most comprehensive range of measurement frequencies known today, ranging from 7.5 MHz for samples with large diameters, via 10 MHz, 20 MHz and 40 MHz, to the unparalleled mq60 with 60 MHz operating frequency.

minispec mq-one

The mq-one is the newest addition to the minispec mq series TD-NMR systems. The award winning mq series covers a wide range of applications and offers expansion capabilities for both routine NMR quality control and R&D. The mq-one takes the minispec mq series product line further into the realm of routine industrial applications.

minispec Automation

A new sample automation system dedicated to minispec applications


The AvanceCore solution offers premium high-resolution NMR at a more affordable price, making NMR more accessible than ever before.


Service & Life Cycle Support for Magnetic Resonance and Preclinical Imaging

Bruker’s commitment to provide customers with unparalleled help throughout the buying cycle, from initial inquiry to evaluation, installation, and the lifetime of the instrument is now characterized by the LabScape service concept.

LabScape Maintenance Agreements, On-Site On-Demand and Enhance Your Lab are designed to offer a new approach to maintenance and service for the modern laboratory