Handheld XRF Spectrometers


Portable XRF for cutting-edge researchers

Elemental Range: Fluorine - Uranium

Wide Range of Available Calibrations

Wide range of matrix matched calibrations can measure up to 48 elements.
Mn ka energy resolution
Latest SDD graphene window detector with excellent energy resolution.
3 & 8
Operator changeable collimator
Custom & standard primary beam filters.

Elemental Analysis with Handheld X-ray Fluorescence

While the TRACER 5 has the ability to completely control the current and voltage, it also adds many new features which have been requested by our users. The user can select filters from the integrated filter wheel or insert user-designed filters. In addition, the measurements can be made in air, vacuum or helium atmosphere, which can be selected based on the needs of the user. The detector configuration and a small distance between the sample and detector make for a very sensitive system with some of the lowest detection limits available today. The TRACER 5 has approximately three times the sensitivity of the previous generation TRACERs, with helium purge TRACER 5 is the only handheld XRF that can elements as light as fluorine.

Features of the TRACER 5 family:

  • 50kV-4W Rh target X-ray source
  • Large area graphene window SDD detector
  • Selectable measurement spot size 3 mm or 8 mm
  • Helium purge and optional portable vacuum pump
  • 5 position automatic filter changer
  • Manual filter / secondary target option
  • Integrated processor and data storage
  • Interactive touch screen display
  • Internal sample camera
  • Wi-Fi and USB connectivity
  • EasyCal software package for empricial user calibration


Element Analysis from Fluorine to Uranium

TRACER 5 Benefits at a Glance:

  • SDD detector with 1um Graphene window for the ultimate light element performance
  • Measurement atmosphere options for even more sensitivity: Air, vacuum or Helium flush
  • Excitation filters: User designed manual filters and integrated 5 position filter wheel
  • Internal camera for exact aiming
  • Live spectra directly on the TRACER 5 and on PC
  • PC Connectivity: Wi-Fi or wired USB
  • User controlled current and voltage: achieves maximum sensitivity)


TRACER 5 Specifications

Excitation source

50 kV, 4 W, Rh target

Operator adjustable current and voltage for optimum excitation.


Large active area 20mm2 SDD detector with graphene window

<140eV @ 250,000 cps Mn Ka resulution.


User changeable collimator; 3 mm and 8 mm collimators supplied.

Internal sample camera to identify exact measurement position.


Operator controlled, 5 position primary beam filter wheel.

Manual filter/secondary target slot for factory or user made filters.

Size and weight

Weight: 1.9 kg with battery

Size (LxWxH): 27 cm x 9 cm x 30 cm

Elemental Range

Sodium to Uranium (air and vacuum)

Fluorine to Uranium (with helium purge)