Preclinical Imaging

Molecular Imaging

Molecular Imaging uses small amounts of radioactive tracers to image important cellular and molecular processes in living subjects, with applications in oncology, cardiology, neuroscience, immunology, theranostics and basic life science research. Bruker offers advanced hybrid imaging devices such as PET/CT, PET/MR and PET/SPECT/CT to help scientists and life science industry to advance their research or business.

Bruker’s Molecular Imaging Solutions


Thanks to their benchtop design, their ease of use and the outstanding performance, X-CUBE, ɣ-CUBE and β-CUBE  preclinical imaging  solutions pave the way that molecular imaging can be used in every lab. Designed to work as stand-alone units and in modular combinations.


The PMOD software is a comprehensive set of powerful tools for data analysis and quantification within molecular imaging, such as image registration, kinetic modelling, 3D rendering, parametric mapping and pattern analysis.


The PET/CT Si78 is a high throughput imaging instrument, which offers fast low dose CT and highest PET sensitivity dedicated for drug and tracer development for clinical translation.

Simultaneous PET/MR

The PET inserts are designed for simultaneous PET and MR imaging of mice and rats using Bruker’s MR imaging products at 3T, 7T and 9.4T. It allows researchers to gain unique insight into specific molecular and functional processes as well as a multitude of macroscopic and chemical information within a living system at the same time.

Sequential PET/MR

Sequential PET/MR instruments are offered at 3T for translational research and up to 9.4T for high-field PET/MR applications, which combines enhanced morphological insight with the highest molecular sensitivity and accurate quantification of PET.


The Albira Si PET/SPECT/CT trimodal imaging platform offers unlimited opportunities for advanced imaging studies in multidisciplinary research environments.