Preclinical Imaging

Nuclear Molecular Imaging

Nuclear Molecular Imaging uses small amounts of radioactive tracers to image important cellular and molecular processes in living subjects, with applications in oncology, cardiology, neuroscience, immunology, theranostics and basic life science research. Bruker offers advanced hybrid imaging devices such as PET/CT, PET/MR and PET/SPECT/CT to help scientists and life science industry to advance their research or business.

Bruker’s Nuclear Molecular Imaging Solutions

High Performance Preclinical Total Body PET, SPECT, CT and MRI

By combining our state of the art PET, proven micro-CT and robust MRI technologies, we make translational multi-modal imaging more accessible to the research community and offering optimal solutions for laboratories. All while keeping in mind that software, animal handling and lab workflow is a key part of any laboratory.

Bruker's molecular imaging technologies opens the door to study a broad spectrum of applications for functional, structural and metabolic assessments.

PET combined with MR or CT

Bruker BioSpin has taken individual modalities and combined them to provide you with functional and morphological information. This combination means improved soft tissue contrast, cross validation of methods.

Simultaneous or Sequential PET/MR

Do you need simultaneous or sequential PET/MR? Bruker offers both, allowing you to choose the system best suited to your research and financial parameters.