Actively refrigerated, actively shielded ultra-high field NMR magnets

Active shielding reduces the space requirements for the two-story magnet by more than one order of magnitude, and makes siting of next-generation Aeon 1 GHz magnets straight-forward.

The new Aeon 1 GHz magnets have been developed using the latest, proprietary, advanced superconductors provided by Bruker’s Energy & Supercon Technologies (BEST) division. The Aeon 1 GHz also features proprietary, fully-integrated, novel, active refrigeration technology, eliminating the need for liquid Nitrogen completely, and reducing liquid Helium boil-off essentially to zero under normal operation. Bi-annual pulse-tube cooler maintenance is done at full field for minimal disruption and down-time.

The Aeon 1 GHz was successfully installed at the University of Bayreuth.


Professor Paul Rösch, Director of the Research Center for Bio-Macromolecules stated: “The Aeon 1 GHz is a major breakthrough for our ongoing studies of the interaction of transcription factors with bacterial RNA-polymerase. With a molecular mass exceeding 450 kDa, this is likely one of the largest heteromeric protein systems ever successfully studied by NMR. We were pleased with the smooth installation and easy setup, the protein spectra look wonderful. The instrument will also advance our studies of G-protein coupled receptors and their interaction with membranes, a field of utmost importance to pharmaceutical industry.”

Aeon 1 GHz: 23.5 Tesla, 54mm actively-shielded

  • 5G < 4.3m radially vs. < 12m non-shielded
  • 2-story magnet, same size dewar as 950/54/US2

Aeon active-refrigeration technology

  • LN2 free: no liquid nitrogen refills
  • Near zero LHe consumption (normal operation)
  • Aeon Care maintenance plan
Ascend Aeon 700
Ascend Aeon 700 magnet with integrated liquid Helium reliquefaction