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D8 ENDEAVOR – Process and Quality under Control

The new D8 ENDEAVOR is an advanced X-ray Diffraction (XRD) system for powder applications. It is made for extremely simple operation, high measurement speed at lowest detection limits and fast sample turnaround.

  • Dynamic Beam Optimization – no instrument reconfiguration by operator needed
  • LYNXEYE XE-T detector – highest data quality and lowest quantification limits
  • TouchControl – intuitive touch-screen operation, operator training almost unnecessary
  • ECO version – 1 kW for low running costs by energy savings and no need for cooling water
  • Harsh environment, high altitude option – highest reliability at all environmental conditions


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The system is well suited for multi-user operation in industry, academia and research. For industrial process optimization and quality control, the D8 ENDEAVOR can be interfaced to an automated sample preparation system, which feeds the samples via a conveyor belt or robot.

Turn-key versions of the D8 ENDEAVOR are available for the Cement, Minerals, Pharma, Aluminum, and Metals industries. They include:

  • specific instrument configurations,
  • optimized data acquisition and evaluation packages,
  • industry specific application training and support.


D8 ENDEAVOR - Ready-to-use and capable of any level of automation.

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D8 ENDEAVOR with touchscreen and person

Sample handling with the D8 ENDEAVOR

Sample preparation efforts for the D8 ENDEAVOR are minimal, as a wide range of sample sizes and types can be handled simultaneously.

Fine grained powder is filled into sample holder cavities of various diameter or depth matching the sample amount.

Back-loading is available to reduce preferred orientation.

Very small amounts of powder can be prepared on background-free holders.

Specialized holders for filters, clays, solids, and environmentally sensitive samples are further options of a broad choice.

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XRD combined with TOPAS Rietveld analysis is nowadays the most powerful technique for doing quantitative phase analysis of hotmeal, bypass, kilndust, clinker and cements.

DIFFRAC.Loader Software

Combined with the XRD Method Package Cement the new D8 ENDEAVOR is the perfect solution for the industry.

It offers direct phase analysis along the entire production process, ranging from raw materials, intermediate products like hotmeal and dusts (REACH) to clinker and the finalized cements. Analytical highlights are the capability to distinguish the Alite polymorphs M1 & M3 and the quantification of amorphous phases by the proprietary PONKCS method. Download our D8 ENDEAVOR Cement flyer.


X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) is a widely used analytical method for the process and quality control of making steel.

Single Peaks in DIFFRAC.DQUANT

Knowing the exact FeO concentration in the raw material is key to cut the greenhouse-gas emission of iron plants.

The FeO amount can directly be calculated from the stoichiometry and concentration of the minerals. These values determined by rapid XRD makes it a very fast alternative to titration. Download our D8 ENDEAVOR Metals flyer.

Respirable Silica

Construction work of stone cutting by cut off saw

The D8 ENDEAVOR is best suited to monitor lowest amounts of free silica, a material that causes lung cancer and other severe health issues. 

D8 ENDEAVOR Minerals

The most direct method of mineral identification and quantification is powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) with the D8 ENDEAVOR Minerals.



Identification of a long d spacing clay

Complex geologic materials can reliably be analyzed using TOPAS quantitative analysis.

Furthermore, cluster analysis techniques can be used to quickly and automatically analyze large amounts of data for similarities and generate exploration mappings. Download our D8 ENDEAVOR Minerals flyer.

D8 ENDEAVOR Aluminum

Controlling the aluminum production is a crucial while demanding X-ray diffraction (XRD) analytical task.

Graphical User Interface Alubath Routine

Firstly, due to the harsh environment in a smelter, where the XRD instrument needs to be located.

And secondly, due to the enormous sample throughput required to successively probe hundreds of smelter cells permanently. The D8 ENDEAVOR addresses these challenges with technological innovations reducing measurement times and expanding analysis capabilities. Download our D8 ENDEAVOR Alu flyer.

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