Exchange of FLexLM licenses

Latest versions of Bruker NMR software use the CodeMeter licensing system. We offer a possibility of a complimentary exchange of existing FlexLM licenses for corresponding CodeMeter license tickets.
Please fill this form ( * marks required fields) and press the "Submit" button. The signed form should be sent to

The Host ID may be found in the FlexLM license file:

FEATURE PROTEIN_DYNAMIC2 bruker_ls 0.0 21-oct-2030 uncounted \
9B5EA0A1625F2248AE96 HOSTID=c48e8ffb4e77 ...........

License Type Number of licenses

Please note, that AMIX and SBASE licenses cannot be exchanged, because these products do not support CodeMeter.

License Type Number of licenses

After selecting 'Submit' your request will be displayed in a printable form which you can print out, sign, and send to Bruker.