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Advanced 3D Optical Roughness Metrology

Learn from experts about the applications and advantages of Bruker's NPFLEX

Explore Solutions for Non-Contact, 3D Surface Characterization

This workshop on Advanced 3D Optical Roughness Metrology features Bruker’s NPFLEX 3D Optical ProfilometerThe on-demand recording includes presentations and technical demonstrations on:

  • 3D measurement of roughness and shape, from the sub-nanometer to micron scale
  • How to measure large industrial parts and samples with complex geometries
  • How to measure inside a cylinder
  • Performing roughness measurements with white light interferometry (WLI)

Featured Presentations & Technical Demonstrations

Understand the applications and advantages of the NPFLEX.

With introduction and closing remarks by Carmen Pettersson, Marcom Manager EMEA, Bruker BioAFM


An Introduction to the NPFLEX 3D Optical Profilometer and Applications Using the NPFLEX 

Emmanuel Paris
Sales Manager EMEA, Bruker BioAFM


Two-Part Demonstration of the NPFLEX WLI-Based 3D Optical Profiler

Dr. Udo Volz
Applications Engineer, Bruker BioAFM

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In this workshop, Bruker BioAFM experts discuss and demonstrate leading-edge techniques and the latest applications using the NPFLEX WLI-based 2D Optical Profiler. Submit the form for instant, full-length access to this event, Q&A with our experts, and related resources.

Explore Advances in White Light Interferometry-Based Profilometry

  • Understand the working principle of white light interferometry and techniques used for WLI imaging.
  • Gain new insight into the applications and advantages of Bruker's NPFLEX system across a wide range of industries.
  • Hear our experts answer audience questions about NPFLEX system instrumentation, configuration, and capabilities.



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Explore Advances in Stylus Profilometry

In this workshop, Accurate Metrology for Micro- and Nano-Fabrication with Stylus Profilometry, our speakers discuss key aspects of stylus profilometry, including the details researchers need to know to obtain reliable and repeatable results.

Particular attention is paid to the following topics:

  • What does a stylus profilometer measure?
  • How does a stylus profilometer work?
  • What tests, applications, and sample materials are stylus profilometers ideally suited for?
  • How do you select the right stylus probe for your application?


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