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XRD Sample Stages

The D8 Diffractometer family can be equipped with a wide variety of sample stages and sample holders.


Whether the sample is inorganic or organic, available in small or large quantities, bulk or powder … this large portfolio of sample stages and sample holders guarantees that any type of sample can be mounted and measured with the optimal instrument configuration.

  • Rotating sample stage – for reflection and transmission
  • FLIP-STICK – 9-position sample changer for reflection and transmission
  • AUTO-CHANGER – 90-position sample changer for reflection and transmission
  • Capillary stage – for transmission
  • Compact UMC stage – for software-controlled XYZ positioning
  • UMC stages – for software-controlled positioning of large and heavy samples
  • Compact cradleplus – flexible Eulerian cradle with motorized sample height alignment
  • Centric Eulerian cradle – advanced Eulerian cradle with extended XYZ positioning
  • Non-ambient chambers – for in-situ characterization