D8 ADVANCE, X-ray diffraction

The D8 ADVANCE Family

The D8 ADVANCE is a real quick-change artist that can be configured to take on a single analytical task with great focus and dedicated components, or a fully featured, multi-purpose solution that is capable of dealing with very diverse analytical needs with highest competence.

Our famous DAVINCI design ensures for all those solutions easy (re)configuration and extensibility to exactly satisfy your analytical needs, now and in the future.

Multipurpose Solutions


01980 Gera et 0006 5 850x850

Full-sized goniometer class powder XRD under ambient and non-ambient conditions.


Gonio XYZ 7 Brochure page15 left UND page20 21 powder 850x850

Best powder XRD performance with push-button switching to amorphous and polycrystalline thin-film analysis under ambient and non-ambient conditions.


02630 Goniometer 19 HR XRD 850x850

The perfect XRD solution for all samples including epitaxial thin films under ambient and non-ambient conditions.

Dedicated Solutions


02630 Goniometer14 XRD2 850x850

State-of-the-art XRD² solutions enable data collection in both 2Theta and Gamma direction to provide additional information about the properties of crystalline samples.

D8 ADVANCE for Stress

02630 Gonio XYZ 1 Stress 850x850

Rely on expert XRD solutions for measuring stress and texture in machined parts, bulk and thin film samples.

D8 ADVANCE for Structure Analysis

02074 D10 komponenten4b 850x850

Extract structural information by applying X-Ray Powder Diffraction (XRPD) including Rietveld (TOPAS) analysis, diffuse or "total" scattering (PDF analysis), and Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS).

Dynamic Beam Optimization

Dynamic Beam Optimization (DBO) provides best in class powder diffraction data by setting new benchmarks in terms of counting statistics and peak-to-background ratio, all without the need for manual instrument reconfiguration.


Gonio XYZ 7 Brochure page15 left UND page20 21 powder 850x850

Dynamic Beam Optimization sets a new benchmark in terms of powder diffraction data quality

The high-speed energy-dispersive LYNXEYE XE-T detector uniquely combines fast data collection with unprecedented filtering of fluorescence and Kβ radiation. Its proprietary Variable Active Detector Window and the Motorized Anti-Scatter Screen (MASS) enable data collection from lowest 2Th angles without parasitic low-angle background scattering, in particular air scattering. The fully automated MASS retraction avoids beam cropping, even in combination with continuously variable slits that provide superb counting statistics over the whole angular range.

  • Superb counting statistics allows for faster data collection and increased sample throughput
  • No parasitic low-angle background scattering massively improves data quality of pharma, clay, zeolite and other samples having a large unit cell
  • Best peak-to-background enhances sensitivity for minor phases
  • Full quantification of crystalline and amorphous phases with DIFFRAC.TOPAS

Motorized Anti-Scatter Screen

Motorized Anti Scatter Screen

The knife edge position is automatically optimized to achieve maximum suppression of parasitic scatter while not cropping the beam at any angles 2Th.

Superior data quality with DBO

Superior data quality with DBO

NIST SRM 8486 (Ordinary Portland Clinker) without (blue scan) and with Motorized Anti-Scatter Screen (red scan). All other measurement conditions left identical.

TRIO – Three in One

The TRIO™ optic is the key component of the D8 ADVANCE Plus, meeting the specific demands on the instrument resolution of the three most commonly used X-ray diffraction geometries in one single optic: 

  • Divergent beam for conventional powder diffraction (XRPD)
  • High intensity parallel beam for capillary experiments, height insensitive measurements, surface sensitive grazing incidence geometry (GID), coating thickness determination (XRR) and micro-diffraction (μXRD)
  • Pure Cu-Kα1 parallel beam for high-resolution diffraction (HRXRD) of epitaxial thin films and low symmetry powder samples

D8 ADVANCE Plus with TRIO optics

02630 Goniometer 19 HR XRD 850x850

With full user convenience in mind, the TRIO optic features motorized switching between the three primary beam geometries and fully software-controlled instrument alignment without manual user intervention via unrivalled SmartCalibTM intelligence.

Grazing incidence geometry

02630 SG 71 Trio Euler Twin LynxXET MON1 GID 850x850

Grazing incidence geometry for optimum polycrystalline thin film diffraction

XRR geometry

02630 SG 68 Twin XYZ KEC Twin LynxXET90 MON1 850x850

XRR to determine film thickness from 0.1 nm up to 250 nm

Bragg-Brentano geometry

02630 SG 72 Trio Euler Twin LynxXET MON1 Powder 850x850

Bragg-Brentano geometry for unparalleled powder diffraction

HRXRD geometry

02630 SG 73 Trio Euler Twin LynxXET90 MON1 HR 850x850

2-bounce channel-cut monochromator offering superb resolution at high intensity on epitaxial samples

DAVINCI Design – uncompromised ease-of-use

The DAVINCI design is the D8 ADVANCE’s landmark as a uniquely modular system. From the X-ray tube, through optics and sample stages all the way to the detectors, any user – even a novice – is capable of changing from one beam geometry to another or exchanging individual components with no trouble at all. Therefore, our D8 ADVANCE offers unparalleled adaptability to any conceivable application in X-ray diffraction.

01980 Detail 0041 850x850

SNAP-LOCK change of optics

  • Push-button change of TWIN and TRIO optics with software-controlled SmartCalib
  • SNAP-LOCK switch to dedicated optics or different wavelengths
  • Real-time component recognition and status display
  • Smart solutions for sample mounting and positioning making daily work easier
01980 Screen Davinci 3

Push-button change of TWIN and TRIO optics

Best Instrument Quality – Guaranteed!

01980 Goniometer frontal back 850x850
  • Lifetime Alignment Guarantee through instrument performance verification with most recent NIST corundum standard SRM 1976
  • Solid and maintenance-free goniometer design ensures instrument performance throughout its lifetime
  • IQ/OQ procedures for regulated industries such as the pharmaceutical industry
  • Detector Guarantee, all detection elements fully working
Instrument alignment

D8 ADVANCE Brochures (XRD)

Flyers (XRD)

Sample Handling Spec Sheet (XRD)

D8 ADVANCE Specifications


Exterior dimensions (height x width x depth) 1,868 x 1,300 x 1,135 mm
73.5 x 51.2 x 44.7”
Weight (without optional electronics) 770 kg
1,697 lbs
Safety Ultimate X-ray, machine and electrical safety compliance with latest EU directives
Type approval for X-ray safety by German National Metrology Institute (PTB)


Design Maintenance-free
Configuration Vertical, Theta/Theta or Theta/2Theta geometry
Measuring diameter Flexible setting, 500 mm and 560 mm predefined
Angle positioning Stepper motors with optical encoders
Smallest addressable increment 0.0001°
Instrument alignment Equal or better than +/- 0.01° over the whole angular range; most recent NIST SRM 1976 always included for verification


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