Nanoscale Infrared Spectrometer

Dimension IconIR300

Adds 300 mm of sample access for semiconductor R&D, failure analysis, and nanocontaminant identification

Dimension IconIR300

The Dimension IconIR300™ large-sample nanoIR system provides high-speed, high-accuracy nanoscale characterization for semiconductor applications, featuring unrivaled capabilities, sample size, and material type flexibility. Through its combination of proprietary photothermal IR spectroscopy and nanoscale AFM property mapping capabilities, IconIR300 enables automated wafer inspection and defect identification on the widest range of wafer and photomask samples. The system significantly extends the application of AFM-IR technology to semiconductor industry segments beyond the reach of traditional techniques.


Built on the groundbreaking large-sample architecture of the Dimension IconIR system, IconIR300 provides correlative microscopy and chemical imaging, as well as enhanced resolution and sensitivity. Integrated with automated wafer handling and advanced data collection/analysis software, the system enables greater time- and cost-savings and production efficiency.

nanoscale chemical and material property characterization
Combines IR spectroscopy and AFM property mapping for highly accurate, non-destructive measurements of 200 mm and 300 mm wafers.
identification of organic/inorganic nano-contaminants
Improves semiconductor wafer and photomask quality with photothermal AFM-IR data that directly correlates to FTIR libraries.
recipe-based measurements
Deliver user-friendly access to comprehensive data and KLARF file support.

Superior Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy and Chemical Imaging for the Semiconductor Industry

Only the Dimension IconIR300 system provides:

  • Whole-wafer, non-destructive measurement of 200 mm and 300 mm wafers;
  • Unambiguous identification of organic and inorganic nano-contaminants on semiconductor wafers and photomasks with data directly correlating to FTIR libraries;
  • Non-destructive step-height measurement and nanoscale material property mapping; and
  • Automated, recipe-based measurements and KLARF file support for user-friendly access to comprehensive data.

Whole-Wafer Measurement of 200mm and 300mm Wafers

Our patented, unique suite of AFM-IR modes and proprietary PeakForce Tapping® property mapping modes, together with IconIR300's large sample architecture, provide ultimate sample flexibility for the broadest range of semiconductor applications. IconIR300 delivers whole-wafer measurement of samples up to 300 mm in diameter in a wide range of thicknesses and material types, including:

  • Both organic and inorganic samples;
  • Patterned wafers;
  • Bare wafers;
  • Photomasks; and
  • Data storage media wafers.

Additionally, Surface Sensitive AFM-IR mode enables IconIR300 to provide unique, reliable surface-sensitive chemical measurements of polymeric films deposited on semiconductor materials.

Interior view of the Dimension IconIR300 system during defect inspection of a 300 mm wafer

Highest Performance Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy for Semiconductor Applications

High quality resonance-enhanced AFM-IR spectra collected at different sites on a PS-LDPE polymer blend, illustrating a high degree of material sensitivity and deeper insight into nanoscale material properties

Bruker is the innovator for photothermal AFM-IR-based nanoIR spectroscopy, the preferred technique for the nanoIR community.

Dimension IconIR300 delivers:

  • Highly accurate, rich, detailed spectra with FT-IR correlation, achieving nanometer-level measurement of thin contaminants;
  • A variety of advanced operational modes supporting the measurement of a wide range of samples for both industrial and academic users;
  • Highest performance AFM-IR spectroscopy, the leading nanoIR mode in semiconductor applications; and
  • Reliable surface-sensitive chemical measurements for polymeric films.

Highest Resolution Chemical Imaging On Wafers and Photomasks

The Dimension IconIR300’s industry-leading AFM performance and Bruker’s patented Tapping AFM-IR imaging together enhance the spatial resolution and sample accessibility of our nanoIR technology.

Dimension IconIR300 provides:

  • <10nm chemical spatial resolution for imaging over a broad range of sample types, including soft organic and inorganic contaminants;
  • Consistent, reliable, and high-quality data; and
  • AFM-IR technology for removing any and all mechanical artifacts, ensuring only true chemical composition is collected.
High-resolution chemical imaging of PS-b-PMMA block copolymer in Tapping AFM-IR mode showing sample topography (a); IR images at 1730 (b); and 1492 cm-1 (c) highlighting PMMA and PS, respectively. The yellow arrows in panel (b) indicate chemical resolution <10 nm. The overlay image (d) captures the composition map.

Advanced Automation for Identification of Nano-Contaminants

Equipped with our proprietary AutoMET® software suite, IconIR300 enables multiple levels of automation for non-destructive AFM measurement on a broad range of sample types in both real-time and off-line.

Key automation capabilities include:

  • Step height investigations along with nanoscale material property mapping.
  • Optical and AFM image pattern recognition;
  • Tip-centering;
  • Full wafer or grid mapping support;
  • Image-placement accuracy within tens of nanometers;
  • Comprehensive, simple recipe writing; and
  • KLARF file import capability to support nanoIR automation features.

These capabilities, together with nanoscale chemical characterization with highly resolved IR spectra, enable both academic and industrial users to overcome the limitations of traditional defect identification on semiconductor materials.

Height image (a) and resulting Photothermal AFM-IR spectra (b) from a contaminant on a bare silicon wafer. The resulting match from the FTIR library identifies the contaminant as Polyethylene terephthalate.

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