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Software Solutions for Mass Spectrometry

Turning data into knowledge. Accelerate new insights and developments with our unmatched software solutions
MS Software

Software driven mass spectrometry solutions

Our software solutions provide accurate, fast and comprehensive analysis of mass spectrometry data for the relevant applications and research fields. With streamlined integration into the Bruker range of mass spectrometry instrumentation, Bruker software provides the most automated, integrated and powerful solutions in the world.

MS Software

Our industry-leading software turns mass spectrometry data into knowledge


The world leading software for mass spectrometry imaging data from all major mass spectrometry vendors. SCiLS™ Lab enables comparative sample analysis for a multitude of applications in pharmaceutical drug development, in tissue-resolved biomarker research, and in translational pathology research to complement immunohistochemistry.


MetaboScape® is our all-in-one software suite dedicated to discovery metabolomics, lipidomics and phenomics. It provides the powerful T-ReX® algorithm family together with comprehensive statistics and CCS-aware compound identification workflows. Its main purpose is to allow users to readily pinpoint and identify relevant drugs, metabolites, lipids or glycans to set them in a biological context.


The target analysis for screening and quantitation (TASQ) software is our turnkey solution for mass spectrometry (MS)-based automated screening, confirmation and quantitation of hundreds of target compounds in large sample batches.

BioPharma Compass®

The BioPharma Compass® solution provides automated, fast and reliable characterization of biologics. It is a wizard-driven, workflow-based software platform, suitable for mass spectrometry experts and routine users alike.


The simplicity of the MALDI TOF MS analysis offers straightforward data processing using the PolyTools software solution, producing polymer structural information for synthesis and quality control in minutes.


Parallel Database Search Engine in Real-time or PaSER is a GPU enable search engine with unprecedented search speed allowing for real time searches. Ions enter the mass spectrometer and exit as assigned peptide sequences, or Run & Done. PaSER is both the hardware and software solution for existing and new timsTOF customers.

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