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Advanced metrology system for automated wafer geometry characterization


WaferScan Chromatic Confocal Spectroscopy

The WaferScanTM automated metrology system delivers rapid and accurate wafer geometry characterization to enable wafer manufacturers to meet the demanding lithography and CMP requirements imposed by 1x nm design rules and beyond.

Incoming wafer flatness variation and subsequent process induced-shape changes can result in drastic reduction in final device performance and yield. WaferScan obtains high-throughput measurements of stress-induced wafer shape changes, shape-induced overlay, wafer thickness variation, and front-side and back-side topography to address these issues. Measurements can be performed on various substrates, including polished, epitaxial, and SOI wafers.

Highly accurate
chromatic confocal technique
Delivers precise and reliable information about incoming wafer flatness variation and subsequent process-induced shape changes.
design and configuration
Enable measurement of a variety of substrates and supports the integration of optional performance-enhancing features.
automated system
Provides high-throughput measurements of multiple wafer geometry parameters.
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Measurement Capabilities

  • Wafer bow and warp
  • Stress-induced curvature
  • Wafer thickness and flatness variation
  • Front and back surface topography
  • Wafer edge roll-off (ERO)

System Components


  • Chromatic confocal spectroscopy
  • Automated Stage with Auto Focus


  • Cassette to cassette wafer handling
  • FOUP and SMIF compatible



Typical Application Areas

Typical application areas include:

  • Wafer manufacturing


Technical Specifications

Wafer Thickness Range 5 µm - 1.5 mm
Wafer Thickness Accuracy ±1.0 µm
Wafer Thickness Precision 0.1 μm
Thickness Resolution 0.01 μm
Wafer Curvature Range Up to 1.5 mm
Spectral Range 400 nm - 1000 nm
Measurement Spot Size 25 µm
Sample Size 2 mm - 300 mm (150 mm standard)
Spectral Resolution 0.3 nm
Light Source Regulated halogen lamp (10,000 hrs lifetime)
Detector Type 2048 pixel Sony linear CCD array
Automated Stage with Auto Focus 300 mm (200 mm is standard)
Computer Multi-core processor with Windows™ 10 Operating System


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