Fine Art Analysis

Analyzing Fine Art

A work of art records a deeper history than what is apparent at first glance. Analysis of pigments may reveal stories that are told by, and sometimes hidden within or behind an artwork. Through analysis of fine art the complex histories within paintings may come to light, and help conservators preserve our visual art heritage for future generations.​

Recent Publications

Employing the non-invasive compositional analysis capabilities of the ARTAX and M6 JETSTREAM instruments to investigate the origins and authenticity of fine artworks.

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Macro X-ray fluorescence scanning (MA-XRF) as tool in the authentication of paintings

Saverwyns, S., Currie, C., Lamas-Delgado, E.
Microchemical Journal, 137, 139-147, 2018

Read about the M6 JETSTREAM in action as part of the 2018 Girl in the Spotlight project, where pigment distributions in the famous Vermeer painting were mapped using MA-XRF techniques.

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Mapping the pigment distribution of Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring

Delaney, J.K., Dooley, K.A., van Loon, A., Vandivere, A.
Heritage Science, 8:4, 2020

Bruker's CRONO MA-XRF in action investigating the composition of pigments in Munch's The Scream.

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Probing the chemistry of CdS paints in The Scream by in situ noninvasive spectroscopies and synchrotron radiation x-ray techniques

Monico, L., Cartechini, L., Rosi, F., Chieli, A., Grazia, C., De Meyer, S., Nuyts, G., Vanmeert, F., Janssens, K., Cotte, M., De Nolf, W., Falkenberg, G., Sandu, I.C.A., Tveit, E.S., Mass, J., de Freitas, R.P., Romani, A., Miliani, C. 
Science Advances, 6: eaay3514, 2020


XRF Scanning of Miniatures at Fitzwilliam College​
Analyzing Layers & Alterations on Painted Artworks with Micro-XRF