March 12, 2024 | University Paris-Saclay | Orsay, France

EFNS Tech Day 2024

Bruker's free Workshop on photothermal AFM-IR technology
at the 1st European InfraRed Nanospectro-Imaging Meeting in Orsay, France

EFNS Tech Day 2024

Bruker's EFNS Tech Day was held on Tuesday, 12th March 2024 prior to the 1st European IR Nanospectro-Imaging Meeting at the University Paris-Saclay in Orsay, France. The workshop presented latest advances in nanochemical imaging and spectroscopy showcasing Bruker’s photothermal AFM-IR technology with applications in life science, polymers, 2D materials, micro-electronics and more. 

Thanks to everyone involved for a great workshop!

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