Nanomechanical Testing Webinars

Algorithms for Nanoindentation Strain Rate Jump Testing Using the Hysitron TI 980

Learn more about best practices for localized strain rate jump testing at the nanoscale

Learn how to perform and analyze strain rate jump tests to understand thermally activated deformation processes

This webinar recording discusses testing and analysis methods for SRJ tests using the Bruker Hysitron TI 980 TriboIndenter. Functions for necessary data correction were validated using single-crystalline BCC tungsten, but extension to other material systems are also discussed.


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Investigate Strain Rate Jump Testing Methods

Thermally activated deformation processes control plasticity and fracture in many materials, including body-centered cubic (BCC) metals, and can be probed via the strain rate dependence of their yield stress. One technique to probe this is the strain rate jump test, in which the strength change at an abrupt change in applied strain rate is measured, which has traditionally been performed on the bulk scale, but requires large samples and cannot measure local properties. Nanoindentation solves both of those issues.

This webinar will discuss testing methods for strain rate jump tests using the Bruker Hysitron TI 980, as well as functions to perform necessary corrections to the data. The functions were validated using single crystalline BCC tungsten as a model material, so application to other material systems will be discussed.

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Kevin Schmalbach, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Scientist, Bruker

David Vodnick

NI Product Line Manager, Bruker