XFlash® 7T100oval

The High Collection Angle EDS System for STEM
The oval geometry of the XFlash 7T100oval detector facilitates STEM EDS at a high collection angle

This large area, high collection angle, windowless EDS detector with an oval-shaped 100 mm2 SDD is carefully customized for each suitable pole piece geometry. The unique shape and state-of-the-art slim-line design allow to optimize the acquisition geometry for very specific retrofit conditions as well.

The solid angle for X-ray collection was demonstrated to reach up to 0.7 sr in STEM at over 13° take-off angle providing atom column element mapping and individual heteroatom identification [1,2].

[1] Direct atomic scale determination of magnetic ion partition in a room temperature multiferroic material (Open Access)

Scientific Reports 7, (2017) Article number: 1737; Authors: L. Keeney et al. 

[2] Individual heteroatom identification with X-ray spectroscopy (Open Access)

Applied Physics Letter Volume 108, Issue 16, 163101 (2016); Authors: R. M. Stroud, T. C. Lovejoy, M. Falke, N. D. Bassim, G. J. Corbin, N. Dellby, P. Hrncirik, A. Kaeppel, M. Noack, W. Hahn, M. Rohde, and O. L. Krivanek

In summary, the XFlash® 7T100oval offers the following advantages:

  • 100 mm2 area, windowless
  • Solid collection angle up to 0.7 sr, adaptions vary
  • Take-off angle up to 13.4°, adaptions vary
  • UHV compatible
  • X-ray-tight shutter
  • Non-interfering cooling system
  • Excellent low energy performance, needed to analyze light elements and overlapping L-, M-, ... lines of higher Z elements in the low energy region
  • All advantages of Bruker’s versatile analysis software

Suggested areas of application for the XFlash® 7T100oval are:

High-end element analysis by EDS in TEM and STEM, including aberration corrected electron microscopy aiming at:

  • Atomic resolution
  • Fast data acquisition
  • Trace element analysis