FT-IR Spectroscopy Software


OPUS TOUCH is a complete IR spectroscopy software optimized for touch operation. It offers highest accessibility for FT-IR beginners and full instrument control for experts.


For Everyone.

IR Software for Productivity, Fault-Tolerance, and Connectivity.

Clear path. Clear solution.

We developed OPUS TOUCH for one purpose only: increasing productivity for both routine applications and complex research investigations.

Here, the touch-centered operating concept plays the key part. Never has it been more intuitive to measure, interpret, and process IR spectroscopic data. Everything is available with just a few touches of your finger (or clicks of your mouse).

Our aim was to allow users to perform measurements more productively and faster, and to share, review and archive the data easily and securely. For the first time ever, an FT-IR software is not focused on 1001 methods of manipulating and treating data but simply on getting results and interpreting them.

It is the purest form of productivty and a promise: Ambigiuty no. Clarity yes.


The Most Productive FT-IR Analysis Software. Ever.

Use smart touch-sensitive hardware to get the most out of OPUS TOUCH. We always recommend the integrated touch panel PC but OPUS TOUCH is also compatible with commercially available hardware. It’s your choice, whether you prefer computers with keyboard, mouse and monitor or a portable windows tablet.

  • Touch, keyboard and mouse operation supported
  • Supports pinch-to-zoom and other standard touch functions
  • Multi-step evaluation and data processing in MEV methods
  • Guided material verification and identification
  • Catalogue of dedicated R&D workflows
  • Touch-optimized 3D visualization of TRS data
  • Optimized TRS method setup
  • Easy manual and documentation
  • Full suite of IR processing/evaluation tools
  • Auto-report-generation and data archiving (pdf and csv)
  • Support for external or internal databases
  • Handling of network archives
  • cGMP and 21 CFR p11 compliance
  • Extensive user rights management
  • Live spectrometer status control
  • Data to e-mail support

OPUS-TOUCH Requirements

  • Windows 10 (64 bit) PC, Laptop, or Tablet
  • Mouse, Keyboard, or Touch Capacity

A true power-up for IR spectroscopy: OPUS TOUCH

Power-up #1: comprehensive and simple IR analysis.
Power-up #2: report management.
Power-up #3: interface customization.
Power-up #4: 21 CFR part 11 compliance.
Power-up #5: e-mail reporting.
Power-up #6: workflow optimization.

Getting Started with Easy FT-IR Software Tutorials

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