Raman Microscope    


The RAMANtouch is an advanced confocal Raman microscope that provides the world's fastest high-quality Raman imaging by using patented laser scanning technology.

This is it.

The World's Fastest Raman Imaging.

A Confocal Raman Imaging Microscope with unsurpassed speed and accuracy

Nanophoton's tech uses line-shaped laser illumination and a two-dimensional CCD to capture 400 spectra in one exposure. With laser scanning via galvanometer scanners, RAMANtouch achieves rapid and accurate Raman imaging of hundreds of thousands of pixels within minutes - no EMCCD required.

Demonstration of Laser Line Scanning.

True Raman Imaging is finally here

The RAMANtouch is a completely new approach compared to traditional Raman microscopes - and that's why it achieves the impossible. Maximum imaging speed without any loss of spectral quality or spatial resolution.

The RAMANtouch offers:

  • Ultra high-speed Raman imaging
  • High spectral and spatial resolution
  • Completely automated hardware
  • Powerful analysis for 2D/3D Raman images
  • Auto-calibration and auto-alignment
RAMANtouch microscope with laser class 1 safety housing.

Laser Scanning via Galvanometers Explained

The use of a galvanometric mirror is an innovative scanning method in which a laser beam can freely scan the point under the objective lens - without having to move the sample stage! In terms of both precision and speed, it far surpasses conventional "table scanning".

In addition, the laser beam is incident perpendicular to the observation plane, regardless of whether you are in the center of the field of view or at the edge. This allows for special measurement modes:

  • Laser Line Scanning
    Scan the surface of your sample with high spectral and spatial resolution at highest speed and maximum accuracy.
  • Point Scanning
    Create quick overview images of a measurement area by only measuring those parts that actually show a contrast in their Raman spectra.
  • AreaFlash measurement
    By "flashing" the Raman laser line across the FOV, an average spectrum of the complete area is created. This allows ultra-fast measurements of large areas.

Maximum Raman performance in any measurement mode

Laser Line Mode

  • Ultra-fast Raman imaging by line illumination
  • Homogeneous and deformation-free laser line over the entire field-of-view
  • No emCCD needed
Demonstration of Laser Line Mode for Raman Imaging.

Laser Point Mode

  • Perfect focus spot even at the edge of the field-of-view
  • Hundreds times faster than motorized stage
  • Up to 10 nm positioning accuracy
Demonstration of Laser Line Mode for Raman Imaging.

Exceptional 3D Raman Imaging Capabilities

Confocal optics allow non-destructive Raman analysis inside a sample. This way, 3D Raman images of transparent samples can be created. By using line illumination and the high-precision stage of the RAMANtouch, 3D Raman images are created in unmatched speed and quality to provide insight into a sample's internal structure and component distribution.

Video example:

  • Raman detects inside the transparent fiber
  • Sample: Bi-component PE (cladding) and PET (core) fiber
  • Acquisition time: 20~30 min
  • Yellow dots: TiO2
3D Raman Image of two fibers.

Peak Raman Imaging Resolution

Depth profiling Raman imaging in the XZ plane enables non-destructive analysis, such as examining multilayer films. Utilizing an oil-immersion objective lens significantly enhances spatial resolution, allowing for the detection of ultra-thin layers as fine as 250 nm.

Access the Sub-Micrometer Domain

Raman microscopy offers essential insights into the identification of both organic and inorganic compounds, as well as crystal polymorphism. Unlike IR microscopy, Raman boasts advantages such as sub-micrometer spatial resolution and the capability to analyze samples in aqueous environments.

RAMANtouch Imaging Applications

RAMANtouch Specifications

Spatial Resolution 350 nm in X, 500 nm in Y; 1 µm in Z
Objective Lenses 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x  
Spectral Resolution <0.9 cm-1 (depends on grating, up to 3 gratings available)
Stage Details 30 * 30 * 35 mm XYZ-motorized stage  
Auto-calibration based on standard lamp and sample  
Alignment Auto-alignment of optical path  
Laser Safety Laser safety class I door with interlock