Scanning Infrared Gas Imaging System


Feature Highlights

  • Long-range detection (integrated telescope)
  • Ultra-low noise
  • Highest optical throughput
  • Lowest detection limits
  • Unique system that combines performance of single detector FTIR with imaging
  • Automatic real-time identification
  • Compensation of atmospheric gases and interferents
  • Large spectral library (TICs, CWA optional)
  • Image overlay allows simple interpretation
  • Robust (deployed by emergency response forces since 2006)
  • Automatic 360°-surveillance and user-defined operation
  • Video- and infrared cameras for day and night use
  • Complete documentation of measurement
  • Scene image, spectra, compounds, position, time etc.
  • Automatic transmission of data to server
  • Transmission to command center or external experts
  • Post-analysis by external experts possible


Scanning Infrared Gas Imaging System

SIGIS 2 allows identification, quantification, and visualization of potentially hazardous gas clouds from long distances. SIGIS 2 (Scanning Infrared Gas Imaging System) is a scanning imaging remote sensing system based on the combination of an infrared spectrometer with a single detector element and a scanner system.

SIGIS 2 with anti-shock mount.


Simple Operation simple

The image of the scene is displayed by a camera (video or infrared). In the basic mode of operation the operator chooses an area to examine by drawing a frame in the video image. Then the scanning mirror sequentially scans the scene and the incoming infrared radiation is analyzed in real time. The results are visualized by the video image, overlaid by an image of the potentially hazardous gas cloud. This direct display of the cloud image in the video image allows simple assessment of the position and the size of the cloud. The combination of a rotating head with a scanning mirror allows 360°-observation and imaging.


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