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MBT Biotarget 96 US IVD

MBT Biotargets 96 US IVD

The MBT Biotarget 96 US IVD with 96 sample positions is a disposable MALDI target plate saving time and costs in the microbiology laboratory. 

No cleaning protocols are required. This can simplify and speed up workflows as validation and documentation of the MALDI target cleaning process, necessary for reusable steel targets, is superfluous. Training of lab staff on cleaning of reusable steel targets, is no longer required. Productivity is improved as it is no longer necessary to invest time in the cleaning of reusable targets.

The MBT Biotarget 96 US IVD is robust enough to be spotted in remote satellite laboratories and transported to the central MALDI Biotyper® for analysis. Stock management administration can also be reduced because there is now no need to return reusable steel targets to the satellite laboratory.

The AnchorChip™ effect, using a hydrophobic surface coating surrounding the hydrophilic sample positions, concentrates liquid samples into the spot area which facilitates applying liquids to the target during sample preparation.

MBT Galaxy® System - US IVD for automated application of matrix and formic acid

MBT Galaxy®

The MBT Galaxy® frees laboratory personnel from cumbersome pipetting while ensuring the highest preparation quality under controlled conditions and complete traceability in a paperless workflow.

Seamless integration with the MALDI Biotyper® CA system coupled with on-board barcode reading ensures that MALDI target plates are matched to their corresponding projects so that every sample is correctly prepared. After insertion of the target, the preparation is automatically performed by the MBT Galaxy system so that staff can carry out other work during system operation.

But there are more advantages. Contact-free pipetting eliminates any carry-over risk. The system operates without pipette tips, significantly reducing the environmental burden and consumable costs. The identification process is more standardized because pipetting performance is independent from individual skills.


Only for sale in the USA and Puerto Rico.