MR Microscopy

Magnetic Resonance Microscopy at the forefront of technology delivering stunning resolution.

Magnetic Resonance Microscopy is a technology routinely utilized in MRI machines in hospitals, with a focus on imaging small samples in the range of 0.5 – 66 mm with imaging resolutions down to 10 x 10 x 10 µm3 (1 picoliter). This resolution is achieved by combining Bruker’s market leading magnetic resonance high field, vertical bore (standard to super-wide bore) systems with the state-of-the art imaging accessory. 

Bruker Magnetic Resonance Microscopy systems provide optimal sample handling not limited to only ex-vivo specimens and non-organic samples but also small animals for in-vivo investigations. Bruker’s state-of-the-art animal handling accessories for wide bore probes cover a broad range of functions namely anesthesia,  physiological parameter control, temperature and flow control etc, that cover most experimental methodologies for in-vivo imaging.

Bruker offers a complete hardware and software accessory package for MR Microscopy which can be easily added to existing AVANCE spectrometers with standard bore (52 mm), wide bore (89 mm), or super wide bore (154 mm) magnets. This accessory provides researchers with unique, non-destructive MR capabilities for imaging and localized spectroscopy of small samples (0.5 - 66 mm) with resolutions down to 10 x 10 x 10 µm³.


The MR Microscopy accessory is a user-friendly routine imaging package which contains both state-of-the art hardware and software which enables non-expert and expert user to take full control of their MR experiment - whether running routine imaging investigations or developing highly sophisticated imaging sequences.

MR Microscopy Accessory Package    
Imaging Rack RF Probes / Gradients  
  • Safety controller
  • 3 x Great60 gradient amplifier

  • Probe
  • rf coils
  • Animal support
  • ParaVision
  • Topspin

MR Microscopy Probes

MR Microscopy Probes are available for SB, WB, and SWB system. They feature exchangeable rf coils in various diameters for 1H and X-nucleus available as single or double tuned. The WB & SWB probes support animal handling.


Bruker MR Microscopy hardware is flexible and powerful, whether performing routine measurements, creating new demanding methods or investigating new types of objects. Bruker Great60 gradient amplifier combines strong gradient pulses with up to 60 A and fast switching times with stability over a large bandwidth, low distortion, linearity and low noise.


The MR Microscopy cabinet is required for all Bruker wide bore or standard bore triple axis imaging gradient coils. Thus, the need of three gradient amplifiers to drive each axis individually are essential. All gradient coils are water cooled, hence a close looped water chiller with built-in remote monitoring is required.


3 x Great 60 amplifiers

  • Linear current amplifier 100 V 60 A
  • Digital preemphasis and B0 compensation
  • Current blanking
  • Digital signal distribution to eliminate interference from ground connections
  • 1 µs timing resolution
  • 20 bit amplitude resolution
  • Gradient coil supervision (power / temperature)

Cooling unit low maintenance water chiller

MR Microscopy accessory: 3 Great 60 amplifiers and safety controller mounted in the rack. 


ParaVision® is a sophisticated software package for the acquisition of multidimensional MR data, as well as data reconstruction, visualization, and analysis.  This software package is supplemented by several extension packages which offer additional experimental techniques or post-processing algorithms. In MR Microscopy we offer the full set of ParaVision features, all routinely used imaging sequences are available in the software as well as development and processing features for new methodologies.

ParaVision is based on the TopSpin® software package, making all TopSpin experiments available. TopSpin® sets the industry standard for NMR data analysis and the acquisition and processing of NMR spectra. The latest release of TopSpin® software, 4.0, features a user-friendly GUI which provides easy access to vast experiment libraries including standard Bruker pulse sequences and user generated experiment libraries for both industrial and academic users.


Service & Life Cycle Support for Magnetic Resonance and Preclinical Imaging

Bruker’s commitment to provide customers with unparalleled help throughout the buying cycle, from initial inquiry to evaluation, installation, and the lifetime of the instrument is now characterized by the LabScape service concept.

LabScape Maintenance Agreements, On-Site On-Demand and Enhance Your Lab are designed to offer a new approach to maintenance and service for the modern laboratory