X-Ray Metrology For Silicon semiconductors


Versatile X-ray diffractometer for automated thin film production monitoring

In-fab R&D


The JVX7300LSI automated diffractometer is designed for in-fab R&D and in-line production process monitoring of semiconductor materials. It enables fully automated characterization of many advanced materials in the semiconductor industry. JVX7300L is the standard configuration, which comprises Scanning HRXRD, XRR, XRD, GI-XRD and WA-XRD for strain metrology, thin film and phase analysis on blanket wafers. Featuring fully automated source optics, the system can switch between standard XRD, High-Resolution, and X-ray reflectivity modes without user intervention, even within the same recipe batch. Full automation of the alignment, measurement, analysis and reporting of the results ensures productive and fast characterization of thin films. 

High Dynamic
0D detector 1D, 2D, as option
Offering fast characterization of thin films on 300mm, 200mm, and 150mm wafer sizes.
Fully Automated
source optics
Enables unattended switching between standard XRD, high-resolution, and x-ray reflectivity modes.

Key Features

Versatile X-ray diffractometer for automated thin film production monitoring

  • XRR: thickness, roughness, density of thin films and stacks
  • XRD (grazing incidence/wide angle): phase, crystallinity, texture, residual stress
  • In-plane XRD: phase, crystallinity of ultrathin films
  • HRXRD: strain, thickness, composition of epitaxial layers.

High throughput

  • High flux source
  • High dynamic range 0D detector, 1D, 2D as option..

High resolution

  • High angular resolution goniometer
  • Low divergence optics.

300-200-150mm wafers, mounted horizontally

Full automation

  • Wafer handling with 2 FOUP load ports
  • Recipe driven tool configuration changes incl. crystals and slits
  • Sample analysis flow – from alignment to report

Industry leading control and analysis software RADS, REFS



Key Applications

The JVX7300LSI is utilized worldwide in advanced nodes logic and memory fabs.

Key applications are:

  • High-K thickness, density and crystallinity for DRAM and NAND
  • III-V on Si for future node development
  • GaN on Si for power transistors

All applications are enabled by our comprehensive analytical software suite for analysis, simulation and fit: RADS and REFS.


Options and Accessories

S Channel

For small spot measurements of test structures on patterned wafers, the S channel can be added, which has a spot size of 50µm x 50 µm at the sample. The channel can be either configured as a high resolution beam, for strain measurements with µHRXRD on epitaxial layers, or as a µXRD beam for phase, crystallinity and orientation measurements on crystalline films.

The S channel comes with fully automated pattern recognition.

I Channel

Phase and orientation monitoring on ultra-thin crystalline films is enabled with the optional I channel for in-plane XRD measurements.


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