Bruker Nano Analytics Application Training


Available in China, Europe, Korea, and the USA  

Application Training for EDS SEM

This EDS Training is designed for users of the QUANTAX EDS system.

Our 3-day QUANTAX EDS User School combines theoretical units about the fundamentals of energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy with exercises for analysis evaluation using our ESPRIT software and hands-on sessions at the SEM.

The User School brings together a small group of electron microscopists from across academia and industry to one of our global headquarters where we provide comprehensive application training on EDS SEM.

As well as learning from our experts, we are always excited to see the exchange of ideas between our EDS User School participants, who gain insight into the challenges that other electron microscopists face and the solutions that Bruker Nano Analytics can provide. 

Registration fee: €1,200 per participant


  • Madison, WI in English - October 24 - 26, 2023
  • Seoul, in Korean - Upcoming
  • Shanghai, in Mandarin - Once per month

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Thank you for registering your interest in a QUANTAX EDS User School. We will be in touch shortly to discuss if spaces are available for your specific language and location. 

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