Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy

Life Sciences

Nanoscale FTIR spectroscopy for a broad range of biological materials
AFM-IR chemical distribution image of human hair taken at 2824 cm⁻¹, a common absorption band for lipids.

Life sciences research is continually achieving new discoveries due to new nanoscale IR spectroscopy. The nanoIR3 provides unrivalled nanoscale FTIR spectroscopy as well as chemical, structural and mechanical property mapping of a broad range of biological materials. Researchers using AFM-IR have generated groundbreaking conclusions in protein secondary structures that are linked to disease formation. Applications include:

  • Cells, proteins, bacteria
  • Tissue, bone and hair
  • Bio-materials and bio-minerals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Wood and plants samples
  • Bio-polymer films 
AFM-IR has also excelled in providing nanoscale spectroscopy of tissue, bone, wood, bio-materials, bio-minerals, pharmaceuticals, and many other sample types.