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The Fourier 80 can be installed in the fume hood or on the bench without the need for new infrastructure, providing easy maintenance and minimal cost of ownership.
80 MHz
The Fourier has been designed for the highest data quality and stability at 80 MHz, with excellent lineshape, resolution and sensitivity.
Adjustable temperature for the Fourier 80 allows samples to be measured from 25°C up to 60°C
Fourier 80 HD: Designed for performing complex molecular structure analysis mimicking high field NMR resolution

The Fourier 80 is an 80 MHz high-performance nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) benchtop spectrometer designed for the routine laboratory in either research facilities or university settings.



Easy to Install: with a cryogen-free magnet design, the Fourier makes NMR accessible in the lab where users and operators work. It can be installed in the fume hood or on the bench without the need for new infrastructure, providing easy maintenance and minimal cost of ownership. The performance of the benchtop, combined with the intuitive software, means any lab can now incorporate the definitive analytical answers only NMR can provide.

Easy to Use: The Fourier features GoScan™, a newly developed modern interface which guides users through pre-defined, dedicated workflows. Novice NMR users can use pre-defined data acquisition choices in the GoScan software, or customize them, while experienced users can use Bruker's industry standard TopSpin™ software for more detailed acquisition parameters.

Easy to do More: The different features of the Fourier 80 were designed to offer a compact and advanced analytical system that requires no special infrastructure, lengthy installation, or complex training, bringing NMR technology to the wider laboratory market. Pulsed field gradients, an automatic sample changer, and adjustable temperature all provide higher sample throughput, optimized synthesis, and process control. The Fourier RxnLab now allows researchers the ability to bring NMR directly to the reactor for real-time chemical analysis while the GxP Readiness Kit enables NMR functionality in both development and manufacturing labs to be scaled seamlessly from benchtop to enterprise operations.



Easy to own and maintain

  • Cryogen-free permanent magnet
  • No new infrastructure required
  • Compact footprint
  • Installs on bench or in fume hood
  • Minimal cost of ownership


Adjustable Temperature for Fourier 80



Operating Frequency: 80 MHz (1H)
Nuclei: 1H-only, 1H/13C, 1H/31P or 1H/129Xe (contact us for more)
1H Sensitivity: Measured on 1% Ethyl Benzene:
1H-only systems: ≥ 240:1 or ≥ 220:1 when pulsed field gradient incl.
1H/X systems: ≥ 160:1 (incl. pulsed field gradient)
Gradient strength: ≥ 0.25 T/m (25 G/cm)
Adjustable temperature: 25°C - 60°C*
Automation: PAL RSI sample changer; up to 120 samples + 12 reference samples
1H Resolution: (@ 50/0.55/ 0.11% signal height)
Standard: ≤ 0.4/ 15/ 30 Hz
HD option: ≤ 0.3/ 10/ 15 Hz
Digital Lock: External, no deuterated solvents needed
Sample Tubes: standard 5mm diameter, 7’’-long NMR tubes: compatible with Young tubes
Dimensions: ~50 cm x 70 cm x 60 cm (Height x Width x Depth)
Weight: ~94 kg
Lab Temperature: 18-28°C; Measurements at sample temperature > 40°C: 18-25°C
Lab Infrastructure needed: no liquid nitrogen or helium required
no water cooling required
power consumption typically <300 W
power: 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
no additional venting required
AT needs compressed air or nitrogen at 5 bar max.
  *Incoming supply gas temperature must be min.5°C lower than the target temperature



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News & Events

March 15, 2022

Introducing NMR Olive Oil-Profiling 1.0™ Solution for Quality Control and Authenticity Verification to Enhance Supply Chain Integrity

ETTLINGEN, Germany, March 15, 2022 – Bruker today launches a new NMR Olive Oil-Profiling 1.0™ solution for authenticity verification and quality control of olive oil, which is one of the most adulterated food products worldwide. This further expands Bruker’s food analysis solutions portfolio and will be offered on two nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) platforms, the established NMR FoodScreener™ 400 MHz platform, and also on the cryogen-free Fourier 80 benchtop system.
March 10, 2022

Announcing New Fourier 80 Benchtop FT-NMR Capabilities for Pharmaceutical and Food Analysis Markets

BILLERICA, Massachussetts – March 10, 2022: Bruker Corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR) today announces new capabilities for its benchtop Fourier transform (FT) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer, the Fourier 80, which does not require special lab infrastructure or cryogens, and offers excellent 1H sensitivity of 200:1 for gradient spectroscopy proton probes. A new adjustable temperature option increases experimental flexibilty, while new solutions for pharma and food analysis provide improved synthesis and process control, bringing NMR capabilities to more research and analytical laboratories.
October 19, 2020

Bruker Introduces Routine Gradient Spectroscopy and Robust, Industry-Standard PAL® Automation on High-Performance Fourier™ 80 Benchtop FT-NMR System

ZUERICH--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Bruker Corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR) announces the European launch of the high-performance Fourier™ 80 system, a next-generation, 80 MHz Fourier Transform Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (FT-NMR) benchtop spectrometer, now with major new capabilities.

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