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Poster hall Proteomics and PASEF

Download the posters below to learn more about the TIMS and PASEF technologies on the timsTOF Pro. Learn how TIMS and PASEF yield true CCS values and how they improve sensitivity, specificity and depth of coverage for proteomics as well as metabolomics, lipidomics, HCP, biopharma workflows. 


Poster: Generation of a Collisional Cross Section Library for Plant Metabolomics using Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry (TIMS)

Poster: Routine Analysis of Host Cell Proteins in Antibody Preparations using PASEF

Poster: TMT Quantification for Shotgun Proteomics on a Trapped-Ion-Mobility quadrupole-Time-Of-Flight mass spectrometer (TIMS-QTOF) powered by Parallel-Accumulation and Serial-Fragmentation (PASEF)

Poster: Applying Trapped Ion Mobility Separation (TIMS) in combination with Parallel Accumulation Serial Fragmentation (PASEF) for analysis of lipidomics samples

Poster: The PASEF method on a TIMS-QTOF mass spectrometer for High Sensitivity Phosphoproteomics

Poster: Evaluation of TIMS MS and MS/MS data for targeted proteomics

Poster: Maximized throughput and analytical depth for shotgun proteomics using PASEF on a TIMS equipped QTOF

Poster: Evaluation of a timsTOF PRO UHR-Q-TOF bottom-up proteomics platform for Proteoform Profiling and Top-Down approaches

Poster: PASEF on a TIMS-QTOF for reproducible, sensitive and highthroughput shotgun proteomics

Poster: High speed, high sensitivity and high reproducible and accurate label-free quantification using the PASEF method on a TIMS-QTOF

Poster: timsTOF Pro and PASEF Multiplying Sequencing Speed and Sensitivity in Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics

Poster: Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry and PASEF for Enhanced Observation of Chemically Crosslinked Peptides

Poster: Rapid Isobaric Peptide Classification by Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Poster: Deep proteome mining of FFPE tissue with PASEF Technology

Poster: PEAKS™ Software for the processing of timsTOF Pro PASEF data: identification and label-free quantitation

Poster: Data-dependent auto-MSMS 3D-precursor selection for bottom-up proteomics with Parallel-Accumulation SErial-Fragmentation (PASEF) on a Trapped-Ion-Mobility quadrupole-Time-Of-Flight mass spectrometer (TIMS-QTOF)

Poster: Application of PASEF MS/MS scans to monoclonal antibody peptide mapping