Toxic Industrial Monitor


The Bruker TIMON (Toxic Industrial Monitor) is a wall-mounted point toxic gas detector for indoor applications.


Powered from 100-240VAC mains, the system will operate for extended periods without attention; service times in excess of 18 months are the norm. The system features detection, identification and quantification libraries for chemical warfare agents and selected toxic industrial gases.

The system is supplied in an unobtrusive metal cabinet without indicator lights or supplier’s branding so that it does not attract unwarranted attention.




TIMON is configured to detect all Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and several Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) at ultra-low levels, and to provide a rapid alarm and identification of the threat within seconds.

During this detection and identification phase, TIMON also quantifies the concentration of the substance that has been detected; so the threat level can be judged.


Typical applications include

  • Building HVAC protection
  • Identification of threat materials in a mass-transit station
  • Other wall-mounted applications where it inconspicuous packaging will not attract unwanted attention


Toxic Industrial Monitor

Installation of TIMON has been greatly simplified by design. The enclosure is designed to be wall mounted. Power connection is by means of a standard captive cordset. All data generated by TIMON, including Analysis Data and Instrument States is output over a standard Ethernet connection; each device having a dedicated IP address.  

Designed for 24/7 operation, maintenance checks may only be required after 18 months of operation; this is identified over the WEB Interface. No preventive maintenance is required. No calibration or calibration gases are required at any time during the life of the system.


TIMON Specifications

  • Designed for the detection of toxic substances in air.
  • Contains an integrated sampling system.
  • Response speed in the order of just a few seconds.
  • State-of-the art sensor for chemical detection based on the principle of IMS
  • Detection and Alarm data is provided to the operator over the integrated WEB interface.
  • Can be operated as a single device or within a Network


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Service & Support

Bruker Detection services are performed by factory trained engineers. DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements are fulfilled

Available services include:

  • Planned maintenance, according to your requirement
  • Factory repairs for your instrument with quick turnaround times
  • Customer on-site repair and maintenance service