Handheld XRF Spectrometers


Portable Elemental Analysis From Mg - U

Shielded Detector- Guaranteed!

Wide Range of Applications

Times Faster
New graphene SDD detectors enable the measurement of light elements at twice the speed!
Newton Force
The detector shield developed by Bruker guarantees protection of the detector.
Small Spot Collimator
The optional 3 mm collimator enables the accurate measurement of small components and welds.

The Lightweight and Precise Handheld X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer

The S1 TITAN is lightweight (1.5 kg, including battery) and rugged handheld XRF analyzer. Fast analysis speed and exceptional accuracy are two key attributes that help define the S1 TITAN.

Other Innovative Features Include:

  • 50 kV X-ray tube
  • Latest graphene window detector technology
  • TITAN detector shield - guaranteed detector protection
  • SMART Grade timing for fast alloy grade ID
  • Wi-Fi and USB connectivity
  • An extremely tough housing that is sealed against humid and dusty environments


S1 TITAN Configurations

The S1 TITAN product line is entirely based on the latest detector technology. Every S1 TITAN model is equipped with a high-performance graphene window silicon drift detector (SDD). As a result, users can expect to have fast, precise analysis regardless of the chosen S1 TITAN model.

The S1 TITAN is available in three highperformance configurations, all sharing the same advanced detector technology: S1 TITAN 500, 500S, and 800

  • The S1 TITAN 500 model is an excellent value choice when analysis of light elements is not required. It is designed for the simple and fast analysis of heavier elements, starting from sulfur.
  • The S1 TITAN model 500S is the fast and easy-to-use analyzer which can measure both light and heavier elements simultaneously.
  • The S1 TITAN 800 is the premium model with the best performance the widest application range and best light element performance for Mg, Al and Si.


TITAN Detector Shield

The ultimate defense against punctured detectors, GUARANTEED!

  • Do you analyze metal turning or fine wires with your XRF gun?
  • Have you ever punctured your XRF gun’s detector?

Then you know that the cost to repair a detector can range from $7,000 to $10,000…plus potential down-time.

The TITAN Detector Shield can minimize these risks! 

Element Analysis from Magnesium to Uranium

S1 TITAN benefits at a glance:

  • A wide range of calibration options are available: alloy, gold and precious metals, catalytic converters, soil, mining, restricted materials, metal coatings and customer specific
  • Latest graphene window SDD detector technology
  • Superior count rates and resolution
  • Faster than previous generations
  • Lower detection limits
  • Easy analysis of light elements, such as magnesium, aluminum and silicon, without the need for vacuum or helium atmosphere (S1 TITAN 800 and 500S)


S1 TITAN Specifications

Model 800
Model 500S
Model 500
Detector Graphene window SDD; 20mm2 active area; Typical resolution <145eV @450,000cps
TITAN Detector Shield (TM) Included on all models
Size / Weight 25 cm x 28 cm x 9 cm / 1.5 kg (with battery)
Integrated camera Optional on all models
Elemental Range
Mg - U
Mg - U
Ti - U
Collimator options

8mm standard.

5mm or 3mm optional.

8mm 8mm