X-Ray Metrology For Silicon Semiconductors


Fully automated µXRF metrology platform for advanced wafer level packaging

Critical Metrology

for high yield


The Sirius-FW is a fourth generation, fully automated µXRF metrology platform that offers specialized single-bump metrology to monitor %Ag in SnAg solder bumps and under bump metalization. Its mature technology boasts a field proven uptime greater than 95%. The Sirius-FW system is capable of measuring single solder bumps as small as 10µm diameter with sub-micron positioning accuracy. Its automated intensity correction (AIC) ensures long-term stability and drift elimination. As would be expected for a production tool, the Sirius-FW is recipe driven and supports full fab automation. 

vertical excitation µXRF
Design configuration ideal for inline HVM metrology
<15 µm
small spot on AgKα
Results in low sensitivity to Z-errors
Fourth generation platfom with field-proven performance.

Key Features

  • µXRF with vertical excitation - optimized configuration for inline, HVM metrology
  • Small spot (<15 µm on AgKα)
  • Low sensitivity to Z-errors
  • Edge exclusion <0.5 mm
  • Non-destructive with low power sealed x-ray W tube
  • Polycapillary conditioning optics, polychromatic excitation
  • SDD detectors array for efficient photon collection
  • Quadrant collection reduces dependence on lateral errors, that is especially important when measure on a dome-shaped solder bumps
  • Support of highly bent substrates (up to 2mm bending), glass substrates

Instrumental for High Yield

Sirius-FW applications are instrumental for high yield:

  • %Ag in SnAg solder – key to control bumps reflow temperature, needed for regular bump shape and bonding
  • Solder bump height, metal thickness of UBM (under bump metallization), back bumps, RDL (redistribution layers) and pillars height: Cu, Ni, Au, Pd Ti – key to cross-wafer planarity needed for good bonding


  • Single bump metrology for process footprint determination
  • GR&R capable metrology on key applications
  • Production worthy productivity and MAM (move–acquire-measure) times: seconds for metal thickness, 30-60s for %Ag and bump height
  • TOR on major packaging fabs, proven stability and fleet matching


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