3D Optical Profilometer


Streamlined and affordable benchtop for roughness metrology

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The ContourX-100 Optical Profilometer sets a new benchmark for accurate and repeatable non-contact surface metrology at a best-in-class price point. The small footprint system offers uncompromised 2D/3D high-resolution measurement capabilities in a streamlined package that incorporates decades of proprietary Bruker white light interferometry (WLI) innovation. Next-generation enhancements include a new 5 MP camera and updated stage for larger stitching capabilities, and a new measurement mode, USI,  for even greater convenience and flexibility for precision machined surfaces, thick films, and tribology applications. You will not find a benchtop system with better value than the ContourX-100.

Z resolution
Offers constant, precision measurements, independent of magnification.
metrology value
Delivers streamlined design without compromised measurement capabilities.
software interface
Provides intuitive access to an extensive library of pre-programmed filters and analyses.



Unparalleled Metrology

WLI offers constant and ultimate vertical resolution for all objectives.

The ContourX-100 profiler is the culmination of over four decades of proprietary optical innovation and industry leadership in non-contact surface metrology, characterization, and imaging. The system utilizes 3D WLI and 2D imaging technology for multiple analyses in a single acquisition. ContourX-100 is robust in all surface situations from 0.05% to 100% reflectivity.

Unmatched Value and Analysis

ContourX-100 manual stage.

With thousands of customized analyses and Bruker’s simple and powerful VisionXpress™ and Vision64® user interfaces, the ContourX-100 benchtop is optimized for productivity in both labs and on factory floors. The hardware and software combine to provide streamlined access to top high-throughput optical performance, completely outclassing comparable metrology technologies.


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