Heavy Metal & Elemental Analysis

Heavy metal pollution in food is a serious concern. Our spectroscopy solutions can trace down elements down to very low levels.



Analysis of Heavy Metals & other Elements

No manufacturer wants heavy metals or other dangerous elements in their food products. However, they can enter production through intentional or incidental adulterants, such as lead (Pb) and chromium (Cr) in colorants or arsenic (As) and bromine (Br) from pesticides. It’s important to screen raw materials, goods in-process, and finished products prior to final release.

XRF is a fast, nondestructive technology for elemental analysis of food, from starting materials to end products. Bruker’s Elemental Analyzer portfolio includes high-throughput lab-based ED-XRF and WD-XRF, point-and-shoot handheld XRF micro-XRF, and ultra-trace analysis TXRF spectrometers.

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