Terahertz extension


The unique verTera extension upgrades the famous VERTEX 80v to the first and only combined FT-IR/continuous wave THz spectrometer.
VerTera THz extension


verTera THz extension

In addition to the unmatched VERTEX 80v FT-IR performance and flexibility, the verTera extension provides access to the single digit wavenumber regime and highest resolution without the need of cryogenically cooled components. This would be impossible for a conventional FT-IR setup since bolometers at liquid Helium temperatures would be required. verTera offers a lot of exciting possibilities:

  • Integrated state of the art cw THz technology
  • Spectral range down to 3 cm-1 (< 90 GHz)
  • Unique spectral resolution < 0.0007 cm-1 (< 20 MHz)
  • Same sample compartment & accessories for FT-IR and THz
  • Highest THz performance by vacuum & unique THz algorithm
  • FT-IR and THz controlled via powerful OPUS software

State of the ART CW THz Technology:

verTera makes use of high precision semiconductor based photomixers, converting near infrared laser light into THz radiation. Source and detector are integrated into the VERTEX 80v beam path and the class 1 NIR laser radiation is connected via fiber and vacuum tight feedthrough.


Highest THz performance by vacuum:

Vacuum operation eliminates unwanted atmospheric interferences and provides utmost stable conditions, resulting in significantly higher THz performance.


Highest Resolution by Unique THz Data Processing:

The standard approach to extract just the extrema of the oscillating photocurrent signal strongly degrades spectral resolution. Only verTera uses a unique algorithm achieving a significantly better effective spectral resolution < 0.0007 cm-1 (< 20 MHz) similar to the applied THz step size.

VerTera THz extension


One spectrometer for Infrared, THz and more:

Including verTera extension the VERTEX 80v can in its broadest configuration cover an impressive spectral range from 3 cm-1 to 50,000 cm-1 from THz to UV. verTera is appli- cable with several THz compatible FT-IR sample compartment accessories such as transmittance, gas cells, reflectance and THz compatible ATR units, allowing for a unified workflow in the extremely broad spectral range covered by FT-IR and cw THz technology.

Convenient FT-IR and cw THz measurements in the same vacuum sample compartment under identical conditions.

The increased spectral range and improved THz resolution provided by verTera add valuable information for many applications, e.g.: polymorphism, polymer research, high resolution gas spectroscopy, crystal structure (solid state & semiconductor physics) and pharma or drug related research.

THz Transmittance of an ultrapure silicon wafer, proving the spectral range of verTera-B down to 3 cm-1. The observed interference fringes are due to multiple internal reflections inside the wafer and in good accordance with the sample thickness.
For gas spectroscopy at low pressure verTera can reveal pure rotational transitions with a unique achievable spectral resolution < 0.0007 cm-1 (< 20 MHz).
VerTera THz extension


Different verTera versions:

The verTera extension is offered in three different versions that access different spectral regimes but all achieving the same unique spectral resolution of better than 0.0007 cm-1 (20 MHz). An overview about existing versions is given in the table below. The spectral range above the given upper limit can be covered without gap by the FT-IR mode of the VERTEX 80v using room temperature components.

THz spectroscopy down to the limits without cryogenics:

Bolometers are well-proven high sensitivity THz detectors down to
5 cm-1 but the required liquid Helium adds costs, demands expertise and is in some regions not available at all. Alternative dry e.g. pulse tube cooled bolometers are rather costly, may cause harmful vibrations and require several hours cool down time. The verTera extension is ready at the push of a button, creates no nameable operation costs and can achieve a superior lower spectral limit and resolution.

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