Portable XRF soil analyzer
Portable XRF soil analyzer

Portable XRF Soil Analyzer

Portable XRF Solutions for the Analysis of Soil Samples

Portable XRF analyzers  have become the instrument of choice for soils analysis when characterizing, remediating and monitoring contaminated soil sites. With just 30-60 seconds per sample, fast, accurate data can be obtained in hours rather than weeks, ensuring that your project meets its deadline and does not go over budget.  XRF is nondestructive. Sampling density is the key factor in profiling contamination.  

Portable XRF has been used to monitor heavy metals in soil for many years now. US EPA Method 6200-05, EN15309-07, and ISO 13196:2013 guide screening of soil, waste and sludge with pXRF.

Nondestructive portable XRF provides immediate results for remediation action and helps quickly define samples which may need lab analysis for regulatory directed final clearance. Use of portable or handheld XRF is referred to as “smart sampling” because it can quickly measure so many truly representative samples and minimize the cost and time of those requiring lab ICP/AA analysis.

Screen the Environment for Safety

  • Screen soil and water for high levels of toxic metals, especially in urban gardens, developing, poor and rural areas
  • Screen construction and general industry sites before, during and after demolition to help meet safety regulations
  • Screen perimeters and runoff streams and use for reclamation after energy resource exploration, extraction and processing
  • Monitor industrial perimeters and suspected hotspots for high levels of dangerous metals
  • Confirm remediation efforts at HAZMAT sites and after extreme weather debris migration
  • Follow “Rule of 20” to save costs on TCLP of RCRA metals (As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Pb, Hg, Se, Ag)

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