Aligning ESR Technology with Sensory Panels for Beer Freshness

This webinar took place on May 8, 2019


Optimising beer freshness can be a complex and difficult process to understand, this webinar will show how an aligned sensory panel and automated microESR can help brewers improve processes, measure success and ultimately make beer freshness gains

The webinar will breakdown the application of FlavorActiV and Brukers Beer Freshness 2020 package and convey the importance of the alignment of human sensory panels with the application of ESR technology. It will feature the new automated microESR and dive into the brewing process to break down the brewing process stage by stage to see where freshness gains could be made.

WEDNESDAY May 8, 2019

What to Expect

The webinar will explain the relationship between ESR and human sensory panels and how their alignment will give a greater understanding to a brewery of their ‘beer freshness’ throughout the brewing process with the aim of improving drinkability, brand loyalty and product shelf life.

Key Topics

  • Beer Freshness 2020 – what is it?
  • The importance of aligning human and instrument
  • How improvement is achieved throughout the brewing process

Who Should Attend?

All with an interest of ESR applications within the beer industry and an desire to improve the freshness of beers produced.



Richard Boughton

FlavorActiV CEO

Richard began his career as Corporate Brewmaster within a global brewing Group before investing in and joining FlavorActiV as CEO. Today Richard steers FlavorActiV’s globally located team, providing leading edge sensory and freshness quality systems for the world’s leading multi-beverage brand owners .