Explore On-line Benchtop NMR Monitoring Under Real Process Conditions

Webinar Overview

This webinar will cover applications of NMR for reactions monitoring, both at high and low field. We will demonstrate how our Bruker’s Fourier RxnLab provides answers to key chemical questions, such as conversion, in-situ reaction yield and reaction kinetics. It enables chemical processes to be monitored on the spot, making kinetic information readily accessible directly on the bench or in the fume hood. Process chemists get fast, reliable answers to make strategic decisions, which ultimately lead to reduce risk and cost savings.

High-field NMR has been proven to enhance process understand in the lab, increasing confidence when transferring processes to the plant to be controlled by vibrational spectroscopy. Now with the introduction of our new benchtop for online reaction monitoring we see an increasing role of NMR also in the plant, resulting from a direct transfer of methods and information from high to low res. Saving time and decreasing risks.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

11:00 AM in EST / 5.00 PM CET

Key Learning Objectives

  • Application of benchtop NMR system for online Reaction Monitoring with real lab conditions (e.g. at different temperatures)
  • Learn about combination of High-field and Low-field NMR for reaction understanding and monitoring
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of flowNMR spectroscopy for real-time reaction monitoring
  • Advantages of the new InsightMR 2.0 software
  • Presentation of the whole InsightMR portfolio of solutions to expand chemical reaction monitoring and enhance mechanistic understanding

Who Should Attend?

All personnel, from both industrial and academic groups, who are associated with the field of synthetic organic chemistry and process development: 

  • Process chemists
  • Analytical chemists
  • Synthetic organic chemists
  • Chemical engineers
  • Chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences students
  • Regulatory specialists
  • Biochemists (Fermentation)
  • NMR facility Managers


Dr. Matteo Pennestri

Product Manager, Pharmaceutical Business Unit, Bruker

Matteo Pennestri obtained his Ph.D. in Biophysical methods at the University of Tor Vergata Rome (collaboration with Merck Sharp and Dohme). Then he moved as NMR spectroscopist in the pharmaceutical industry (MSD and EISAI). After experiencing the pharma sector, he joined as application scientist Agilent Technologies first (ex. Varian) and Bruker afterwards. Recently he joined the Bruker Pharma unit as NMR specialist and product manager.

Vincenzo Fusillo, PhD

Flow Solutions Product Manager

Vincenzo Fusillo is an organic chemist with several years experience in the flow chemistry field. After his PhD studies at Cardiff University, he has worked in pharma and chemical companies all around Europe (in UK, Italy, Belgium and Germany), where he was in charge of the adaptation of chemical routes and processes from batch to flow processing. He has recently joined Bruker as Flow Solutions Product Manager, to help customers interested in the online monitoring and reaction understanding of API and bio-processes.


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