amaZon speed Ion Trap

amaZon speed

低分子アプリケーション向けの見直しを迫るイオン トラップ性能

amaZon speed イオン トラップは、低分子とスクリーニング アプリケーション向けの新たな分析基準を設けます。実績豊富な amaZon プラットフォームに対する基本的な改良によって、速度と質量分解能の劇的な向上をもたらします。MS/MS の効率と再現性の高い定量が最高の性能レベルを実現しています。 

現在のプラットフォームよりも 10 倍高い MS/MS 感度を持つ、最低 20Hz の MS 収集率で切り替えを行う Zero Delay Alternating™ によって、このイオン トラップは製薬、化学、および臨床市場の高まり続ける需要を満たします。amaZon は、イオン トラップ技術における Bruker の幅広い経験の上に築かれており、プロテオミクス、メタボロミクス、化合物スクリーニングおよび同定、そして詳細化学分析などの研究分野における能力を特に高めるように設計されています。

Unmatched ion trap performance through innovation

  • Greatly increased MS/MS duty cycle for more productive data acquisition
  • Highest ion trap mass accuracy through proprietary RF generator design
  • Leading dual ion funnel technology for unparalleled sensitivity
  • Zero Delay Alternating™ for polarity switching with a minimum of 20 Hz MS acquisition speed
  • New SMART isolation and fragmentation
  • Unrivalled scan speed of 52,000 u/sec at a peak width < 0.5 u for resolution of doubly charged ions
  • Support of fastest UPLC applications at a maximum duty cycle.

Dual ion funnel

Delivering unmachted sensitivity by dual ion funnel inlet.


Fast scanning mass analyzer

Delivering unmachted sensitivity by dual ion funnel inlet.


Applications amaZon speed

MSn for Structure Analysis

The identification of drug metabolites and their structure verification are a vital part in pharma discovery and development. Software features like the FragmentExplorerTM are the ideal tools for structure confirmation taking advantage of the fast and sensitive stepwise MSn fragmentation of the amaZon speed ion trap. Bruker‘s MetaboliteToolsTM software suite provides confident metabolite prediction as well as detection and interpretation of new compounds.


Walk up Compass OpenAccess workflows

The intuitive and workflow-oriented GUI of the Compass OpenAccess software supports the flexibility and speed of the amaZon speed as an ideal solution for multi-user industrial, clinical or teaching labs. The web-based client server system is ideally suited for workflows like  e.g. quality control (QC), recombinant protein MW verification or automatic library searches.


Drug quantitation

Reliable and routine quantification is a task so far reserved for triple quadrupole instruments. The enhanced speed and reproducibility of the amaZon speed in MRM experiments enables the reliable quantification of target compounds in diverse matrices.


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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.