NMR Automation

SamplePro Tube

The SamplePro Tube is a XYZ robotic system for general liquid handling tasks, focusing on the demands of sample preparation for NMR measurements and into NMR tubes. Two sizes are available with same basic functionality but different sample capacity and capability for additional hardware and parallel usage of different applications.

The SamplePro Tube serves the Bruker NMR portfolio of standard NMR tubes and thus all NMR sample changers. This includes full support of long 5mm 7inch tubes as well as the difficult to handle small 1mm and 1.7mm SampleJet tubes.

Containers in the worktable are automatically identified after each user access. This enables an ID oriented workflow with minimized risk of sample mix-up and prevents hardware damage due to improper positioning of containers. In addition the automatic configuration of the layout after user access allows a convenient usage of the system for different applications with different container geometries.

Additional features are available for temperature control of source and NMR tubes as well as a shaker for mixing/dissolution of Samples. The software allows a graphically supported setup of preparation tasks through the GUI.

It also integrates seamlessly into the Bruker SampleTrack LIMS system for simultaneous setup of sample preparation with subsequent NMR measurement. For batch oriented and more complex workflow the preparation tasks can be submitted direct from an EXCEL sheet without the overhead of a LIMS. Here methods accept runtime parameters for flexible preparation tasks like dilution series or adjustment of method parameters to ample properties.